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"Blackmailer " evil of varietal virus four -- flying guest data restores make vi
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On June 11, 2006, first domestic purposes are extortionate be turned over by river civilian company by the trojan virus of infection user gold virus center takes the lead in intercepting and capture. This virus name is " blackmailer " (Trojan/Agent.bq) , abhorrent meaning conceals user documentation, the name that lends repair data demands money to the user. What make a person surprised more however is, "Blackmailer " appear subsequently many varietal virus, and ruinous stronger and stronger, can delete the important documentation material of the user thoroughly even. As countrywide dimensions the biggest data restores to serve an orgnaization, "Flying guest " the near future receives a large number of sufferring " blackmailer " of the murderous scheme send long case. It is under the urgent effort of ministry of company research and development, capture already successfully at present all " blackmailer " varietal virus, realize extremely tall data to restore to be led successfully.

Although kill poisonous software to be able to kill this virus in case at present, but to already toxic user, after reducing toxin be revised to register a watch by handiwork of have the aid of of hidden file need or use major to restore tool ability, average user operation rises have certain technical difficulty. Flying guest data restores a center chief engineer reminds broad user here: Once discover to any writing do not make operate at will please when documentation loses a case, should not use the software with standard blame to undertake resumptive to operate more. As a result of " blackmailer " what varietal virus brings is not just conceal and delete an operation, however union enclothes the likelihood to be destroyed with data, because this is specific the case is very complex. End so far, ministry of flying guest research and development analyses a few kinds when give this virus already successfully to destroy a result, and found specific aim solution, can realize those who be close to 100 % to restore to be led successfully.

The user is affected in misfortune " blackmailer " after virus, probable meeting receives a report below clew operation, requirement user just can undertake data restore after appointing account remit money. But in fact, this is a fraud completely, the data that should destroy an user after all is easy, and restore to rise easier said than done. More what is more,the rather that, the person that the virus that loses morality is written is already infatuated, its " blackmailer " varietal virus from originally " gentle " conceal a document to now " acridity " the ground is deleted and destroy file fragment.

"Flying guest " Beijing headquarters had been established in the light of this virus temporarily urgent restore a lab, and branch of countrywide each district also gives height to this take seriously. The domestic user that suffer this virus to atttack and brings about data to lose can dial hot line of free service of 800-810-6696 whole nation, or data of nearby connection flying guest restores a center (can land Www.fix.com.cn to inquire) .
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