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The trap that detects carefully
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-- flying guest reminds extensive data to recover an user

Was opposite avoid data to restore a result to did not produce the issue such as real value to the user, the throughout the country's biggest data restores to interlink service orgnaization flying guest to be in domestic head is pushed " after restoring first, collect fees " service means. But, because data restores the characteristic of business, its serve cost to decide completely according to breakdown type, specific quoted price just can give out after right now service business needs to detect in go ahead of the rest. However, be this sees plausible process, often bring the loss that expect is less than to consumer however, cause the data that can restore originally to also cannot be redeemed again even.

One of trap: Type of breakdown of make a false report
To not the client of know the business, it is very easy that data restores those who serve trader to detect by the process that twist is a formalization. As a result of such as firmware breakdown of attaint, magnetic head, dish the token phenomenon of a breakdown such as cut is similar, because this client is honest very difficult distinction differentiates, can listen to the demit of the one side that serves trader only right now. Resume industry usual practice according to data, of different breakdown type collect fees nature is not identical, after all this is involved directly resume cost, operation difficulty and restore to be led successfully. But, service business whether can sincere letter ground tells specific breakdown type and reasonable price, this becomes the issue of suspense.

Renew a proposal:
To the client, we suggest everybody chooses to dimensions has the service business of aptitude from beginning to end. Business of this kind of service is having strict service flow commonly, and take the brand public praise of oneself seriously, breakdown type quoted price is very accordingly grim, won't appear absolutely the circumstance of intended make a false report. In addition, in many services business gives the option that undertakes also be not is ideal iteration detecting, because detect for many times,cause the harm that estimates hard possibly also to hard disk, bring about data to restore to be reduced into power.

Of trap: Data is destroyed after detecting
In the service flow that restores in data, detect first, undertake according to breakdown type quote is very common next. Large service business takes such step is for more have quoted price reasonably, put an end to the price con. But, this one measure often also makes the opportunity that does not serve business exploit an advantage normally. Because detect,the user in the process cannot see hard disk completely, because this wicked service business is complete,the likelihood undertakes data destroy. Destroy data, its motive is main it is a client cannot accept quoted price or be a service actual strength of business oneself technology is insufficient and cannot restore, but service business does not hope again this hard disk again driftage arrives in the hand of other competitor.
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