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Data of RAID of server of IBM XSeries 366 restores a hand to write down
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The server of IBM XSeries 366 that has processor of 4 Intel Xeon MP makes the choice of user of a lot of enterprises, its processing efficiency and stability are very excellent, and use SAS hard disk make RAID5 disk array. But, itself of RAID5 disk array or somewhat flaw, be in especially cut off the power suddenly, RAID information is destroyed, hard disk attaint exceeds the circumstance such as redundant ability to fall, valuable data still appears very flimsy below RAID technology. As home the biggest data restores to serve an orgnaization, flying guest data restores central near future to take over data of server of two IBM XSeries 366 to break down continuously case, and undertake data restores successfully.

SAS is the abbreviate of Serial Attached SCSI, namely serial join SCSI. SAS technology introduced SAS to expand implement, make SAS system can join more equipment, among them every expand implement allow link many port, every port can join SAS equipment, lead plane or other SAS expand implement. Invest to protect an user, SAS standard is compatible also SATA, this makes the backboard of SAS OK and compatible SAS and SATA two kinds of hard disk. But in light of the angle that restores from data, the special interface of SAS hard disk brought inconvenience to mirror extraction, this also is a lot of number the crucial cause that cannot undertake according to restoring to serve trader RAID analysis recombines and causes data finally to restore to fail.

Be aimed at the characteristic of server of IBM XSeries 366, ministry of flying guest research and development rolled out special restore software, can bypass interface is restricted successfully. However the greatest difficulty still depends on RAID analysis recombining, because the RAID5 structure of this server is more special, common groovy method can not restore data. Tackle key problem through technical project, ministry of flying guest research and development goes out in the summary inside 3 days eventually recombine code, the data that can have realized ideal inside shorter time nowadays restores a result.

Flying guest data restores to remind user of server of broad IBM XSeries 366 here, once appear,data breaks down must not be eager to undertaking Rebuild is operated when the state, otherwise data will be destroyed thoroughly. In addition, when data restores to serve business to undertake resumptive to operate, ought to ensure service business keeps any data inside the server no longer, the method that uses an analysis to recombine truly however will undertake. To this special server, if have an operation a bit undeserved, so data cannot restore very easily. Anyhow, because chose erroneous data to restore,must not serve trader and measure restores good chance!
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