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Towards the left goes, go right -- the talk that data resumes to serve business
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catastrophic to encountering data user, how to choose appropriate data to restore to served business to become the most pressing issue. Current, domestic data restores good and evil people mixed up of market it may be said, the service business of all sorts of types is in the difference of respect of technical actual strength is very apparent. Because data restores the characteristic of business, once choose data to restore to serve trader erroneously, so probable will originally extremely hopeful resumptive data is pushed thoroughly to abyss. Media restores the attention of the industry to also grow day and day to data, is choice big company or small company after all, this becomes the topic that industry argues for a time.

Pay close attention to a result or pay close attention to the price?
Before choice data restores to serve trader, attention restores a result or pay close attention to the price, this is the problem that should clear up above all. Review at present data restores the market, price difference is very apparent: Professional class number occupies the value that restores a company often is several times what serve trader commonner, and is the element that creates price difference a brand merely?
Choice data restores a service business and buying cosmetic is two different matters, this is the issue that a lot of professional class number emphasize all the time according to restoring a company. The cosmetic of different price, probable effect is same, because the cost of consumer depends on brand value, character of and rather than is ensured. But, data restores to come in order to restore the effect completely " conversation " . A few more comparative the service business that gives priority to with hard disk maintenance, we can discover, exceed even the basiccest open quotation clean do not have, how does such data restore the effect to you just can assure?
The market restores in data, we can discover every month can appear a lot of companies, but closed down very quickly again. To this, a simple evaluation often is management not to be pooh-poohed. But think deep, we can discover, lack later is the guest one of main reasons of management not to be pooh-poohed? Once data restores to fail, what will lose a client probably so is trustful, business of this kind of service also is afterwards hard. Right now alternative is very simple: Or closes down, or adds other additional professional work, maintenance of such as hard disk, secondhand maintenance of peripheral of computer sale, number.
Actually, choosing data to restore to serve business to be not is a simple procedure. But, if think what company can restore simply, this locality company is more authentic, or the price that who is is low who to choose, so often meet try to save a little but lose a lot. Missing to data and character, its value loss often is estimated hard. For this, we suggest broad user makes choice of a balance: If the value of data is real too big, must choose to have aptitude so, have the dimensions, service business that has public praise; If data is dispensable,feel 丟 again too regrettablly, so collect fees low miniature service business also is not not OK consideration.
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