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Do not slant letter glibly acceptance
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-- the mystery that analytic data restores to be led successfully

User of osculatory computer prior won't forget field is then resounding 1998 of the whole world " CIH virus incident " , the whole world exceeds 60 million computer to be destroyed by different level at that time, accumulative total loses catastrophic hard disk to have 20 million about by data, the statistic after a few years shows its are direct the 28 billion dollar that pecuniary loss forecasts in those days more than far. The near future stuns the whole world " nick wave " the lamp that virus also is not province oil, start the common occurance of circumstance it may be said that causes data to lose often, the loss of Euramerican area estimates more than 12 billion dollar. Although Chinese edition the epidemic situation of the operating system alleviates relatively, but home causes shake very tremendous also, from this and caused data loses case is to lift more lift deeply.

Without doubt, the value of data has been reflected incisively and vividly. No matter be enterprise user or individual user, the memory medium that has price does not make a person pay close attention to, and impayable data more appear cover is sufficient precious. Once confront data disaster, make a person unthinkable simply if really ever since, make even the enterprise is run with the individual development is immersed in break down. The data that these virus attack bring about above loses case to had let us have sufficient knowledge. However more important is, causing the cause with missing data still is virus attack not just, include oneself by accident operation and the tragedy that hardware breakdown causes cannot be ignored as much.

What serve remarkable distinction with other IT is, the choice that data restores to serve must enough and discreet, because wrong operation method is met,push data to abyss thoroughly. Now, a lot of users understand this one reason deeply, often ask when seeking service business the other side gives data to renew the commitment of rate agog so. But in fact, this is the apiration of one-sided merely, and can not serve business to produce any helps to right choice.

From the point of probability statistic angle, data restores to be put in to be led successfully for certain. However, all statistical result must build the base in example sampling. Because data restores the complexity of case, and bedding face of sick poisonous transmission, hard disk accumulates every period of time the element such as influence of height of attaint, financial settle accounts, high temperature, because this is almost different,the data of period of time restores successful rate to having certain distinction. But will measure from whole, still having certain data to restore to be led successfully, maintain about at present control in 75 % .
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