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Server data is catastrophic -- RAID data restores a technology to rot pull ragin
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Because RAID5 is in cost and data are redundant the balanced expression of security aspect, more and more users choose way of storage of data of array of this kind of disk. But again good solution has flaw always also, it is infinite that the fault tolerance ability of RAID5 is not, and the trouble that complex service system environment causes all sorts of expect very easily to be less than, because this RAID data is catastrophic,always come unexpectedly.

[the backup technology that is procrastinated to break down by cost]
Although RAID technology itself provides certain data security, but face disk bedding face to accumulate attaint, array to block attaint, array to block battery electric power when extinct, notch controls chip attaint to wait for a circumstance, data risk factor still very tall. Face this kind of situation, the pivotal business system such as finance, national defence uses system of the backup that allow calamity generally, will take care of the security that wants data truly. But, the subordinate branch of more medium and small businesses and large company cannot provide effective backup server and backup software because of cost factor, and back up the manpower cost of an expenditure affirms make these enterprise user can'ts bear heavy burden.

Once RAID array goes out,show trouble, hardware service business can give a client new initialization only perhaps rebuild, such client data are met cannot redeem, the job cannot undertake normally. Occurrence RAID data is catastrophic, will say the news that may lose a key to the enterprise, it is more serious data disaster. In RAID occurrence breakdown when, to protect data to the greastest extent, only ability of seasonable rehabilitate breakdown assures redundant existence, and to missing data, data rehabilitate is better step.

[choice RAID data restores to serve business to should take a pair more a mind which perceives both past and future]
Facing the temptation of usury embellish, make a lot of pure those who sell hardware and maintenance is medium small company is entered in succession, bring the disorder of market order and competitive pressure. But this market, have stranger one side again, have the one side of “ random ” already, again “ orders the one side of ” . As 2006 since second half of the year, a lot of companies begin to do data to resume professional work, mere Shanghai has more than 50 companies that becoming data to resume professional work. But, can accomplish major truly, and business is done get those who had compared not to surpass a few companies.

Current, flying guest is domestic dimensions the biggest and also be technical actual strength the most abundant data restores to serve an orgnaization. Pass actual strength of powerful research and development, its RAID data restores what the technology has gotten increasing user to approbate, and the country keeps secret bureau experience secret data restores the high opinion that the expert inside course of study receives in senior evaluation, represented Chinese data to regain top level of the technology. Accumulated a large number of successful case up to now since 1996, for government, legionary, each industry, enterprise or business unit and individual succeed from all sorts of memory medium repair the huge data of tens of myriad million, data restores to lead achieve 90% above, main service standard already made the standard inside course of study, return those who participate in national data to regain technical level to make the work at the same time.
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