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Serve the line that business chooses
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-- data of clairvoyant open quotation restores mystery

Occupy those who renew an idea to gain ground gradually as number, the professional step that more and more users realize to important data still can pass major to serve trader after lose will restore. The industry restores in data in, open quotation often is final step, can be aimed at magnetic head breakdown, electric machinery breakdown effectively, dish a cut, will consider as the data that restores impossibly to rescue before come out. But, at present open quotation still is technology of a high end, in mastering in a few professional data to restore to serve business hand merely. Below this kind of circumstance, choice technology is excellent and the data with complete facility restores to serve business to appear particularly crucial.

If had visited hard disk firm, the factory environment that can exceed nobleness to be spent completely to its certainly is impressive. In fact, in hard disk interior, its are clean the 10 degree that degree has gotten international level, accord with human head ministry completely to drive the demand of skull operation. Ask so tall clean degree be not is captious, however of hard disk interior dish a concussion that cannot endure petty grain dust when high speed rotates.

Same argument, we cannot open hard disk case at will in air, make hard disk discards as useless extremely likely otherwise. The packing density of hard disk is higher and higher nowadays, especially after perpendicular magnetization technology applies, taller to the susceptibility of dust. In the course that resumes in open quotation data, if be simple only,hard disk is opened below common environment, so its danger sex cans be imagined. Even if is common 1000 class work station, clean degree also cannot achieve a requirement. According to flying guest data restores the experiment of ministry of central research and development to make clear: The hard disk that has 95 % left and right sides about exposes 10 minutes of above to be able to discard as useless in air, the hard disk that has 40 % left and right sides about exposes 15 minutes of above to be able to discard as useless in 1000 class work station. And if put work station in 1000 class to exceed clean form local 100 class environment, so the data that reveals time to be brought about in 30 minutes of less than loses scale controallable in 1 % less than.

With home famous flying guest data restores a center to be exemple, this company asks all open quotation must exceed in 100 class at least clean undertake. And at present little data restores to serve business to just provide a simple work station in some (even level of 10 thousand grade short of) , or it is flat and direct bare below air open quotation, right now dangerous sex cans be imagined!
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