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"Flying guest " data restores guarantee slip -- Fuji connects jotter hard disk t
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Regard the mainest memory in PC as equipment, hard disk is bearing the heavy responsibility that saves all and important data. However, stability resembles memory impossibly or the mechanical constituent in hard disk decides his is CPU outstanding in that way, once encounter all sorts of soft hardware trouble, so the risk that user place faces is equipment breakdown not just, the data of invaluable is destroyed more possibly at once, cause the loss that cannot estimate thereby. For this, all without exception of manufacturer of each old hard disk increases hard disk stability to the utmost extent, this and capacity expansion and speed are carried fast likewise important. But, no matter how the manufacturer tries hard, the attaint risk with hard disk inherent itself still is cannot complete avoid, because this chooses excellent data,restore business to also make a kind of trend.
The near future, fuji connects total Dai Xihe of whole nation of jotter hard disk (ZIM) with flying guest luck health (FIX) strong strong together, the user that faces all buying to connect jotter hard disk by happy event and Fuji of acting quality goods is rolled out " flying guest data restores guarantee slip " service. It is reported, service of this kind of guarantee slip will conduce to Fuji connecting user of jotter hard disk to avoid exalted data to restore the value with inferior cost, wait to buy an insurance for the data of invaluable then. In addition, the quality that Fuji knows itself of jotter hard disk and the normal sex that be fond of and act as agent also ensure inferior fault rate, such double safeguard is to let a person undoubtedly most the choice that be at ease.

[dispute of end after service]
Long-term since, data restores to be protected character with hard disk is a pair of contradiction that cannot mediate. It is with soft hardware breakdown exemple, once the client restores to served business to have thorough operation in data, will lose very likely thoroughly defend a service character, because this will be regarded as,destroy hard disk artificially; And if the hard disk of direct will embedded important data delivers to hard disk manufacturer, also cannot keep affirmation complete data, after all of hard disk manufacturer protect a service to involve hardware equipment merely character, data is without implication to it.
Below this kind of circumstance, a lot of clients can choose to abandon hard disk defending a service character, the value that because count,occupies often the price of itself of outclass hard disk. However in all fairness, this is inequitable to the user. It is hard disk is being protected character obviously period inside occurrence breakdown, from this and caused data problem, hard disk manufacturer and agency are bad also demit its blame. If the user causes hard disk damage to rescue data, the manufacturer cannot continue to offer defending a service character is unreasonable apparently.
Hong Kong happy event and the total representative that tell hard disk to be in Chinese area as Fuji realize this one problem very quickly, and think the brand service of client of press close to must catch up with instantly. Below this kind of major premise, hong Kong happy event and the as biggest as home data restore to serve business collaboration: All henceforth its act as agent normally the Fuji of channel connects hard disk to all can be stuck have " flying guest " brittle stick, the user should restore a center to undertake data restore in flying guest data only, still can be in so of the regulation protect character period inside enjoy due after service.
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