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File of Norton manslaughter system -- flying guest data restores a hot line to b
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Is natural disaster still person disaster? Everybody says to not be clear about! On May 18, 2007, this kills poisonous software user to domestic Norton and character is an unforgettable day, it is the day of an awkwardness making a person after the Tie Kejin that surpass the door enters Chinese market more. After be being updated when Chinese edition Windows XP, norton can identify virus by accident and will crucial system file is deleted, bring about Hardware Error of the clew after the user is started again, it is La Bing then and cannot move. Be in short double cease in day, flying guest serves as the throughout the country's biggest data to restore to interlink service orgnaization, its 800 data restore to serve a hot line to be hit to explode by the Norton user place with extensive unfortunate experience almost. Without doubt, appear such beyond incident is more terrible than sufferring virus, the agog state of mind that the user means to restore data is understandable also.

Chief engineer represents root flying passenger, after file of Norton manslaughter system, can not affect the other file of whole hard disk actually. To having the user of experience, can after debus of attempt general hard disk, with from dish means is hanged receive go up in other machine, give data with respect to can successful backup so, come through a few means next repair or it is to reinstall an operating system. But, rushed use Windows XP installs some users CD rehabilitate, and carry out means incorrect, give the data that can derive easily originally very easily to bring annihilative blow so. To notebook computer and user of brand table machine, occurrence Norton by accident cutout system file when still must use one key to restore a function carefully, because be operated not carefully by accident,cause the data disaster that cannot rescue very easily also.

Face the advisory telephone call that have too many visitors or business to deal with, flying guest had added line of 6 800 phones, at the same time personnel is in all customer service ministries to work overtime entirely in last few days. Need reminds broad user here, if did not hold processing really,this kind of data resumes an issue, OK also nearby selects site of Wu of flying customer service, entrust flying guest data to restore an engineer to undertake operating, have taller assurance coefficient so, be operated by accident in case and cause data to lose.

Current, flying guest sets a branch already basically to serve a site in city of class of countrywide provincial capital. Change data to restore a service through quick and considerate this locality, aux will be able to ensures the user is in quite rescue valuable data for a short while. In the meantime, the experience secret data that confidential bureau designates flying guest or country regains an unit, excellent technical capability and perfect aptitude will help you restore valuable data surely as early as possible.
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