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Trifling matter of breakdown diagnostic how could -- feel pulse domestic data to
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The client that has contacted data to restore the market can have such experience: Lin Lin always serves business always to let a person cannot understand its to run a standard to spend inside short time really with technical actual strength, all sorts of price trap and technical error also allow client have no other way. Carry a variety of channel, many users also had known domestic data restores the situation of market good and evil people mixed up. But, after all how many harm can ” of confused situation of this kind of “ bring? Mr Zhang is a when flying guest data restores a center new client, after many flying guest just comes after flounder. His data restores “ to beg virtuous afford for thought of ” experience it may be said, diagnose this one small aspect from breakdown, we discover current data restores the confused situation of the market not hard.

Hard disk of a of Mr Zhang 120GB that stride develop cannot work suddenly normally, switch on the mobile phone to appear abnormal knocking. Because the design of whole project project stalks of grain to be inside hard disk, and without any backup, because of this piece of gentleman but urgent bad. Urgent under, mr Zhang decides to suspend any operations at once, search professional data to restore to serve the help of business. After the network is searched, mr Zhang spent an eye simply, because serve trader,be too much really. Seek advice through simple telephone call choose, mr Zhang defined 3 companies first.

A company tells Mr Zhang after detect this hard disk cannot have restored, because of its electric machinery damages badly; And the hardware trouble that when taking the 2nd data to restore a company, is informed to be operation of need open quotation unexpectedly, be as high as 2000 yuan quote to make Mr Zhang a little hesitant again. Went to the 3rd company, the other side says again is circuit board attaint, need advances 200 yuan of ability continue to maintain. This falls, mr Zhang but muddleheaded, the result that diagnoses because of 3 companies each are not identical, and quote difference is bigger.

Sober Mr Zhang chose to appeal right now the IT branch of the company, below the commendation of relevant personnel, mr Zhang calls flying guest data to restore a center. Although fly,the price that the guest tells open quotation data clearly to restore is “2500 yuan spare parts expends ” , total cost is 3000 yuan of less than, but the dependability that Mr Zhang considers big company, still decide to come to have a try. Of course, more important is flying guest engineer emphasizes wanting to define breakdown kind first repeatedly, certainly need open quotation does not solve a problem.

After coming to flying guest, the engineer undertook 20 minutes right-and-left about detect, tell Mr Zhang next this kind of breakdown is firmware attaint, do not need open quotation to be able to restore, and charge is less than 2000 yuan. In addition, flying guest is below the situation that restores data without the success, not collection a minute of money. Such acceptance lets Mr Zhang undoubtedly very be at ease, and the technology of engineer patience explains to also made Mr Zhang basic understand real trouble reason. Finally, after amending firmware information and reading physical bad line by force, all data get resumptive.
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