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Daily virus epidemic situation monitors Jiang Min statistical 2008-1-28
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Daily virus epidemic situation monitors Jiang Min statistic
Update date: 2008-1-28 23:59:00

Rank virus name affects the computer to figure per cent
Varietal Csc 3098 3.16% of ” of trojan of 1 “ representative
2 “U dish helminth”2511 2.56%
Varietal Eh 1696 1.73% of ” of trojan of 3 “ representative
Varietal 1405 1.43% of ” of the person that 4 “Iframe spills over
5 “ net swims burglar ” varietal Lhc 1042 1.06%
6 “ lures a customer ” varietal F 922 0.94%
7 “ Aideluo ” mutation Lp 850 0.86%
8 “ net swims varietal Aaou 846 0.86% of great robber ”
Varietal Aknh 801 0.81% of ” of trojan of 9 “ representative
10 “ net swims burglar ” varietal Mdu 712 0.72%

Virus name Exploit.HTML.IframeBof.w
Chinese name varietal W of ” of the person that “Iframe spills over
Virus of virus type script
★ of dangerous level ★
Affect platform Win 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Varietal W of ” of the person that virus describes Exploit.HTML.IframeBof.w“Iframe to spill over is one of newest members with familial virus of script of ” of the person that “Iframe spills over, use HTML script language to write. Varietal W of ” of the person that “Iframe spills over is one kind inside embed the baleful script code in normal webpage, the baleful net that there should be to be able to join be astonished guest is appointed in baleful code. The corresponding flaw patch that if user computer does not have seasonable installation,the corresponding flaw patch that Microsoft releases or other application software release, so when the baleful webpage of varietal W of ” of the person that when the user use browser visit contains “Iframe to spill over, with respect to the long-range server site that can join in the tiring-room of current user computer be astonished guest is appointed, download baleful program and be being gone up to be called automatically by infection computer move. Among them, downloads baleful program may be a net You Mu horse, harmful program, back door, bring the loss of different level to the user.


1, upgrade instantly please Jiang Min kills poisonous software, intelligence of open new generation classifications high speed kills poisonous engine and each monitoring, prevent at present the attack user computer such as the virus of be current, trojan, harmful program or code.
2, the user of edition of network of Jiang Min KV upgrades in time please control center, suggest relevant administrator undertakes in appropriate time entire network is checked kill virus, make sure business information is safe.
3, open Jiang Min kills flaw of system of poisonous software “ to check ” function, flaw of comprehensive scanning operating system, replace Windows operating system in time, install corresponding patch program, use Microsoft flaw in order to prevent virus to atttack the computer, cause a loss.
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