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Jiang Min on Feburary 24: TRojan/PSW.Zhengtu.kt
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Jiang Min reminds you to notice now: Varietal Jm of ” of representative of the Exploit.Agent.jm“ in the virus today and Kt of mutation of Trojan/PSW.Zhengtu.kt“ journey ” are worth to pay close attention to.

Virus name: Exploit.Agent.jm
Chinese name: Varietal Jm of “ representative ”
Virus length: 1681 byte
Virus type: Script virus
Dangerous level: ★ ★
Influence platform: Win 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Varietal Jm of Exploit.Agent.jm“ representative ” is one of newest members with familial virus of script of “ representative ” , use operating system and the flaw in a certain application process to transmit order of other ill will, use Javascript script language to write, and the course adds close processing. Varietal Jm of “ representative ” is general inside embed in normal webpage, the corresponding flaw patch in if user computer did not upgrade in time,revamping the flaw patch with corresponding operating system and certain application process, so when the baleful webpage that contains Jm of mutation of “ representative ” when visit of user use browser, can join in the tiring-room of current user computer be astonished guest appoints a site, download a large number of baleful programs and be being gone up to be called automatically by infection computer move. Downloads baleful program may be included is a net program of You Mu horse, baleful advertisement, back door, bring the loss of different level to the user.

Virus name: Trojan/PSW.Zhengtu.kt
Chinese name: Varietal Kt of “ journey ”
Virus length: 7132 byte
Virus type: Trojan
Dangerous level: ★ ★
Influence platform: Win 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Varietal Kt of Trojan/PSW.Zhengtu.kt“ journey ” is one of newest members with familial trojan of “ journey ” , use Visual C 6.0 to write, protect processing through adding case. After varietal Kt of “ journey ” moves, ego is inserted be run by the to load in the “explorer.exe” process of all of infection computer science department, conceal ego, prevent to be checked to kill. Revise register a watch, implementation trojan switchs on the mobile phone to move automatically. In by the tiring-room purloin of all of infection computer science department " grand just is opposite battle platform " , " time world " , " reason of love of sword a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 2 " , " machine battle ZeroOnline " , " demon animal world " , " miraculous world " , " the shape that drop a name " , " , and on the long-range server that backstage sends player message be astonished guest to appoint, goods of the game account that causes player of game of much money network, equipment, money missing, bring very big loss to game player.

Be aimed at above virus, jiang Min turns over virus center to suggest large-scale computer user:

1, upgrade instantly please Jiang Min kills poisonous software, intelligence of open new generation classifications high speed kills poisonous engine and each monitoring, prevent at present the attack user computer such as the virus of be current, trojan, harmful program or code.
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