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Jiang Min reminds beware " burglar Ld " camouflage becomes name of pilfer of vid
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Jiang Min reminds beware “ burglar Ld” pretends order of pilfer of video file insanity

Recently, jiang Min turns over virus center newest intercepted and capture mutation of Ld” of burglar of a “ Ces virus, this virus can pretend oneself icon the icon of video file, coax user is clicked move. The meeting after virus moves searchs the data file of ICQ software on the computer that is infected, the illicit secret information such as the chatting record of filch user, password; Search certain and commonly used FTP software at the same time, get the user Zhang mark that saves in the file, information such as the password; Get information of secret of letterhead of the user name that already saved, password, mailbox from inside certain and commonly used mail software, send the long-range server that appoints to be astonished guest to go up with the form of mail, bring severe loss to the user.

Turn over virus expert to introduce according to Jiang Min, varietal virus of “ burglar Ld” still can shut ” of “Windows safe center, bring about the firewall be no longer in force that Windows heads oneself, detect circularly at the same time the window headline that running, once discover certain and safe software or Windows firewall program plays an intercept window, criterion immediately imitate mouse clicks “ to allow ” pushbutton, send a message to intercept window.

Jiang Min turns over virus expert to remind broad user, must choose intelligence of appliance equipment “ active defence ” and the major that “ ego protects ” function kill poisonous software. Be aimed at this virus, jiang Min kills poisonous software already urgent upgraded virus library, the user needs to kill Jiang Min library of virus of poisonous software KV2008 to upgrade to newest version only, can be on guard effectively of this virus inbreak.

Jiang Min kills poisonous software KV2008 to have exceed ego of strong kernel class to protect a technology, turn over virus Rootkit/Hook technology, intelligence the numerous and banner computer such as active defence opposes virus technique, but effective defense virus at the system besides. The user with toxic already suspicion can use Jiang Min free and online check poison to undertake virus checks. The free and online address that check poison: Http://online.jiangmin.com