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"The net swims burglar " varietal
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The net swims burglar ” mutation is “ net swims one of newest members with burglar ” familial trojan, use advanced language to write, protect processing through adding case.

“ net swims after burglar ” mutation moves, be being fallen to release “midimapzx.dll” of trojan DLL component by catalog of “%SystemRoot%system32” of all of infection computer science department. In inserting the DLL component that release all processes, move, conceal oneself, avoid safe software check kill. Revise register a watch, implementation trojan switchs on the mobile phone to move automatically.

If discover oneself moves at “elementclient.exe” process interior, use HOOK technology and memory intercept technology, purloin " ideal world " , " Chibi " , " pass outside Wu Lin " area of grade of equipment of equipment of jacket of password of the game account that waits for player of many network game, game, body, knapsack, part, game is taken, computer name, it is on the long-range server site that the information of player game account that is gone to filch by the tiring-room of infection computer sends be astonished guest to appoint, goods of the game account that causes a player, equipment, money missing.

Additional, “ net swims to burglar ” mutation still can be searched and shut certain and safe software forcibly, the computer security that gives an user brings the menace of older rate.