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Intel processor puts flaw to be able to be used to atttack any systems
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According to foreign media coverage, safe researcher overcomes Rice·Kabasiji (Kris Kaspersky) expressed a few days ago, he will be revealed how to use Intel processor flaw to atttack user computer remotely, no matter of user installation is which kinds of operating system.

Ke Ruisi says, the safety of “Hack In The Box” that he plans to was in Malaysia capital kuala lumpur to hold in October this year reveals this to atttack a method on congress. Ke Ruisi will use JavaScript or TCP/IP bag launchs attack, prove processor flaw thereby (corrigendum) can be used by the hacker launch attack.

Ke Ruisi still says, the menace of processor flaw is bigger and bigger, in the future, virus author also will use such flaw to develop baleful software. Ke Ruisi says, different processor flaw allows a hacker to do different business. Some flaw can make the system breaks down only, some flaw allow a hacker to control a system completely, some can help a hacker ban protect with Vista safety.

Ke Ruisi will reveal attack to be based on the PC of almost all operating system, include Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Linux and BSD among them. And, these systems already all hit complete patch. Ke Ruisi still complements, show attack Mac computer likely also.

Processor is including on 100 million transistor normally, because this existence corrigendum is very normal thing. Some flaw may affect processor performance, and some users do not become aware at all. For example, the data that published in June according to Intel shows, processor of Silverthorne edition Atom is put in 35 place corrigendum.

Ke Ruisi says: “ rehabilitate among them major flaw is a likelihood, intel also offerred a solution to each main BIOS manufacturer. But, not be each manufacturer metropolis deploy, because this is put in flaw unavoidable. ”