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How to restore clear sky to reclaim the file documentation after the station
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The person that the computer is used has been encountered delete the file that should not delete or the format turns the case such as partition. It is actually in Windows system, delete clear sky to reclaim after the station, new form changes disk, new divisional disk to wait to operate and did not delete a file really, just did to delete number in file allocation watch, can pass special restore software by accident the data of cutout.
The file restores to be able to restore a file not only, still can restore physics to injure dish data, restore data of different operating system, and the data that restores card of memory of different and mobile number. If the computer is used person realize data is missing, for example by accident cutout, by accident the operation such as case, should suspend a few needless operations immediately, data is not kept in past disk again, may damage 2 times otherwise hard disk data.
The author receives the telephone call of inspector general of department of resource of company labor power, because documentation of framework of system of resource of manpower be announcemented is operated by accident be deleted, backup was not done before deleting, and should submit a report to group board of directors immediately, need thinks method is in the shortest time rescue this documentation.
The author enquires a file in detail when deleting a process, inspector general of manpower resource department says, delete documentation hind namely and clear sky " reclaim station " , did not use other major to delete a tool. After the explanation that hears inspector general of department of natural resources of perfect man power, the file that I think to restore to delete does not have a problem. The disk partition that I am in documentation above all uses Ghost software to undertake backup, go to backup filestore in the server. Install EasyRecoveryProfessional in this computer next. The data that this is a major restores software, the data that can restore to lose and can rebuild file system, this software won't keep any data to disk partition, in file partition watch rebuilds to make data can transmit other drive surely in memory. Click download
After EasyRecoveryProfessional software moves, be in advocate in the window, choice " data restores " → " delete restore " option. The choice deletes the target disk of documentation, pass " file filter " the documentation that setting need scanning restores, the documentation type that deletes as a result of manpower resource chief inspector is DOC documentation, namely Office series documentation, filter in the file accordingly in list, choose " Office series " documentation. Click " next " pushbutton, begin scanning target drive and build the documentation catalog structure that delete afresh.
Later, choose the documentation that the need that scans restores, click " next " pushbutton, open restore filestore folder dialog box, in " restore to come this locality driver " in text casing, input the target folder that the file deposits. Resumptive file does not deposit the data partition that restoring in, choose other partition to deposit resumptive data, deposit the divisional and surplus space that restores a file to must compare resumptive file big. According to guide clew comes finish, can finish data restore.
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