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The common problem that data restores
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Q: What is data restores?

A: Data restores even if will because delete, the format is changed, new partition operate by accident, or the data that hardware attaint causes is missing those who pass technical measure utmost is reductive come out.

2.)Q: Delete, can formatted data also restore to come out?

A: Yes, we are mixed to the file in the system normally partition makes delete and be done not have true keep clear of data from hard disk. Hard disk is divisional perhaps, be like a book, what we do delete an operation to just be in this " book " catalog part was revised, did not keep clear of content portion. The format is changed also is nevertheless keep clear of catalog clean just, and content portion still exists, it is we did not have catalog only, the content that does not know to want where to see goes searching just. Accordingly, delete formatted perhaps data, remain can adopt technical measure reductive come out

3.)Q: Already new and divisional, did a format to change, can data still restore?

A: Still can restore. New partition and the format is changed, did not keep clear of data truly, so data can restore completely. Cheng Shihui of professional data extensive go back to work seeks primitive and divisional information of remain on whole hard disk, and them handiwork is reductive come out, when primitive partition condition is reductive, the data in partition can restore naturally also.

4.)Q: Hard disk had damaged, the system detects be less than hard disk, can data still restore to come out?

A: Hard disk attaint, do not represent data to cannot be rescued. The memory medium that wants hard disk only (namely dish piece) without attaint, depositing the data in hard disk is hopeful rescue come out. According to the business statistic that we come to for years, when hard disk occurrence hardware damages, 9 become above is OK rescue data come out. So, hard disk became bad need not anxious, we are completely capable to damage you the data in hard disk is rescued come out.

5.)Q: U dish, memorial club, CF, SD show the data that collects card to lose, can you restore?

A: Can restore likewise. Above these products although the exterior, modelling is varied, memory medium also by " magnetic dish piece " the electronic memory that turned chip into type, but the logistic structure that stores on applied layer remains what did not change, so, delete on these medium, the data after the format is changed also is to be able to restore to come out.

6.)Q: Can the data of mobile hard disk restore?

A: So called mobile hard disk, be in namely actually of common hard disk or jotter hard disk exterior add assemble a case, change interface into USB structure just, went to the lavatory so the user disassembles mediumly in use process reach carry. So, the refreshment of mobile hard disk, the refreshment that follows common hard disk is same.

7.)Q: U dish, memorial club, CF, SD shine put card not to detect in the system, is data hopeful still restore?
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