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Guangzhou data restores price reference
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Hard diskBad, the company's old data data may be destroyed at once, the loss that cause is estimated hard.
Hard disk data did not do backup, important data was collected inside, need offers professional hard disk to repair a service, below most circumstance, the data that cannot find often was not lost truly and be destroyed, practice and experience make clear, below the circumstance of 80% , data can recover from an illness. Hard disk repairs data to restore particular price range to discuss.
My company is rehabilitate of Guangzhou company data is the earliest a batch of professional corporations, the data with many and professional representative restores software, hard disk repairs software, download relevant software freely in forum please. Restore to disk data, data file rehabilitate, array Raid restores to wait, favourable to the person of the same trade. (blame major personage is used carefully please)
To return each client deep love, prepared a few U that reduce toxin for each enterprise user recently dish, what restore successfully is free give, with convenient backup important data resists virus is destroyed.
Data of Guangzhou hard disk restores a center to offerRestore dataHard disk repairs a service, carry on Guangzhou industry data restores, Rehabilitate of hard disk data:

Number ~
The price (unit: Yuan) this is price of IDE hard disk, SCSI hard disk times doubler collect fees

Hard disk chip is bad
It is short circuit burned an Ic only
100, chip price is discussed additionally

Dish piece bad
This kind of circumstance does not assure can resumptive any data, can look after repair only can return how many number according to reading, must not remand computer manufacturer is repaired, otherwise data will restore impossibly forever

Virus is destroyed
Can offer reduce toxin, as far as possible restore hard disk important file, but the data that cannot restore to be destroyed is after malign virus breaks out individually
500 yuan or so

The format is changed
If not cautious pattern changes hard disk, or installed an operating system at the same time, suspend any operations immediately please, deliver maintenance, otherwise data will not restore

Hard disk cannot new and divisional format is changed
Hard disk is brought about in attaint of the meeting below occasional case cannot divisional, or cannot reshipment operating system, it is to guide a record to be destroyed commonly, perhaps cause accidentally by virus commonly
500 yuan rise (if need not save data, criterion 100 yuan)

6U dish Xd of card of Cf card Sd gets stuck
If your U dish Cf card Sd blocks the not cautious pattern such as Xd card to change, virus was destroyed, commonly still the opportunity restores, do not undertake operating again as far as possible, breakfast sends long
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