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Hard disk data restores a principle
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1, fixed use Windows arranges tool Defrag from the disk of the belt or other the hard disk data that if the disk fragment such as Vopt, Norton Speed is arranged,optimizes a tool to undertake arranging you, general a month is arranged, can raise hard disk to visit speed. Although produce accident, the data file that also can raise you restores probability!

2, the high precision equipment that hard disk is Electromechanical unifinication, although hard disk fights wallop to rise greatly now, but must take put down gently gently for safety and insurance; When be installed inside lead plane the 4 firm fixed position of hard disk should use screw to secure firm. Lead plane cannot move absolutely after switching on the mobile phone. Close machine motor of 1 minute of hard disk stops after turning, fangke undertakes moving, the small hard disk that this also was before has program of homing of a magnetic head technically, offer the account that when carrying a machine, uses. Hard disk indicator light is in ablaze when cannot cut off the power close machine, operate hard disk of possible meeting attaint so.

3, the noise when normal hard disk moves is very little, can hard disk reads Pan Shijun divide evenly " Da Da " sound. Bigger or the noise when the hard disk that is like you moves is abnormal, this is breakdown commonly is augural, this what is appropriate to the occasion backs up in time important data in case accident!

4, use GHOST is made when restoring partition, must choose pair of target partition, may bring about partition to lose otherwise or important data is irreclaimable. Before the proposal restores partition, bisect area adds Lable, can distinguish target partition so, won't bring about you to choose wrong end partition to cause needless loss.

5, when using Format to command the format changes hard disk, had better use Fdisk /Status to command the divisional information that examines hard disk first, whether to put in NTFS partition, prevent by accident the format converts missing data.

6, should make full use of divisional character, data file is not put in C area and systematic area commonly, because C area and systematic area belong to an accident,send an area more.

The reason with hard disk missing data

1, the type of software breakdown

Suffer virus to affect; By accident the format is changed or by accident divisional; By accident clone; Be deleted by accident or enclothe; Hacker software is destroyed artificially; 0 tracks damage; Hard disk logic is locked up; Cut off the power when the operation; Accident electromagnetism interference causes data to lose or destroy; Systematic error or break down to cause a file to lose or be destroyed.

Average performance is software phenomenon the operating system is missing, cannot start a system normally, disk reads clerical error by accident, the document that cannot find a need, file cannot be opened, the chaos after the file is opened is piled up, hard disk does not have divisional, clew partition of a certain hard disk is changed without the format etc.
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