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Documentation data restores range
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Data restores a service center to offer all sorts of files restore or repair includes: 1, the file such as Office series Word, Excel 2, database file: SQL database file, Oracle database file, Foxbase database file, Access database file 3, picture graph: The format such as JPGJPEG GIF RAW TIFF BMP. 4, image sound file: The format such as MPEG, Asf, RM, Rmvb, Avi, Mp3 5, Zip, Rar compress a file

As a result of virus, operate by accident, or all sorts of user insensible reasons, bring about file or data to cannot be opened, ask you not to try any other to operate again, contact in time with us. We can seek your valuable data for you.

Bring about the account that file or data cannot open, have the following kinds roughly: Virus is destroyed, the operating system is not stable, do not undertake operating by the regulation, the network is not stable, power supply is not steady etc.