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The benefit of the bag outside Guangzhou IT and fraud
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Wrap outside CIO and IT
In increasingly global wave is wrapped outside IT, how should CIO produce the action of oneself, risk that reduces the bag outside organizing IT, is the success that organizes IT project with the assurance of the oldest rate carried out?

Wrap outside, to a lot of IT a very common thing is for transnational corporation, at every turn of a few ten million, on 100 million dollars outside bag project sees Zhu Baoduan constantly. However, report of a when study according to the market company Gartner is released newest research says, the in part that the plan includes outside IT was considered as unsuccessful 2003, because of predicts expectation the value fails to come true. CIO (especially the CIO that home organizes) the high level that regards an organization as IT is in charge of should how the assurance of the oldest rate is the success of enterprise IT project carried out?

The advantages and disadvantages of the bag outside IT
A findings of CIO.com shows: The enterprise is used outside the crucial reason of the service that wrap IT is talent of enterprise interior lack (32% ) , reduce cost (29% ) and improve quality (20% ) ; When the effect of the bag outside asking about an enterprise, informant thinks to improve quality (29% ) , reduce cost (25% ) , enter the market quickly (21% ) it is main achievement. The advantage of the bag outside IT basically reflects in:

1, make the enterprise is centered at core business activity, enhance the core competition ability of the enterprise. Few enterprise can be had in all and main the resource that asks with place of advantage of competition of the implementation in auxiliary business and ability (for instance relevant technology) . Those enterprise oneself are wrapped to lack the part of ability outside passing, the enterprise is OK and dedicated the core competition ability at can creating value. Be in current power company and computer technology company for instance (CSC) in the case of the bag outside information system branch, current motive force sells company of its information system CSC, gave CSC the package outside his news service business. Because current motive force thinks its core competition ability depends on ammunition respect, information serves outside the bag can allow a company more the core ability that devotes oneself to ammunition respect. Additional, the essential sex afterthought that bag process will accelerate company business flow, information flow and administrative technological process outside is taken an examination of and design again. High-powered and strong the driver that flexible IT recombines as the enterprise, have the incentive effect that cannot resist to the improvement of company business course and sectional function, this also will conduce to an enterprise enhancing its core competition ability.

2, managing cost, obtain economic benefits. In an investigation, will wrap outside IT (all or part) the cost that the company announces to they can save 9 % on average. Without doubt, the professional skill of the dimensions economy that the interest that the enterprise acquires includes to come from contractor outside and contractor. IT supplier can share resource of hard software, manpower and knowledge between many clients, make them more managing on fixed costs investment thereby. They still can purchase hardware and software through batch and obtain more discounts.
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