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The golden age of the bag outside Chinese IT
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From April the bottom arrives in May in the time of a month of the middle ten days of a month, " news weekly " the topic that the preeminent company that the property includes outside much home of reporter and China, enterprise got military content to make contend for force about the Bao Jing outside China for many times is interviewed, as outstanding as 6 outside include a company got military content to have thorough conversation. It is to happen to coincide almost the ground, these styles are disparate outside bag business gets military content to emphasize: The main chance that line of business includes outside China is coming, we be sure to inside and outside holds concurrently long, seize an opportunity, enter golden age.

China International software and news service Fair (CISIS) and " news weekly " hold jointly 2008 " competition ability of the bag outside Chinese IT is investigated " (China IT Outsourcing Service Provider Survey) announced same conclusion. This investigation on January 15, 2008 ~4 undertakes 30 days month, the development state that line of business includes outside aiming to hold current China deep and future are moved toward.

In current Chinese IT job, the bag is outside honest " hard line of business " . Start not early, profit margin remains at rising, dimensions is badly in need of expanding, have Chinese distinguishing feature outside Bao Zhilu still remains at exploration...

Nevertheless, line of business of the bag outside these not cloggy China greets golden age. "This 3~5 year the golden age that is development of estate of the bag outside China, the resource of each respect and force innovation give the environment that industry of the bag outside China grows quickly. " company of software of sea brightness international (next weighing Hai Hui) presiding apparitor (CEO) Lu Zhe group express to the reporter. International data company (IDC) forecast at the same time, the abroad in year wraps 2006~2011 year of compound increase rate of the industry for 29.8% .

And Beijing is soft a dynamical IT limited company (next weighing soft tell motive force) president holds CEO Liu Tianwen concurrently to express: "It is these 3 years soft not only at present tell motive force, of whole China outside bag industry must go all out go up, can lose a chance otherwise! Can lose a chance otherwise!!

"Soft knowing dynamic cause is number of the employee inside 3 years reachs 20 thousand person, year turnover exceeds 500 million U.S. dollor, of world-class of true ascend body outside bag business. " in May 2008, when saying this word, liu Tianwen is in scene not to have Xi Taihu lakeside beautifully personally, behind, it is soft the new building that connects motivation not to have stannic base -- the office building of the wall of full glass act that has brand new just begins investment to use. Nearby, a taller building is in the construction of in full swing, that will be soft connect motivation to be in the another office base that does not have stannum.
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