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3 action let business of the bag outside IT win credit
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Current strategic emphasis: Enlarge the strategic key of future of company dimensions; : Build a brand. This was 2008 " competition ability of the bag outside Chinese IT is investigated " in, the result that the enterprise gives out is included outside a few banner IT of Chinese. However, want to enlarge company dimensions, build a brand, want to win the client's credit above all, establish firm cooperative relationship. In investigation, these enterprises also admit " establish trustful relationship not easily " it is one of the as mainest as the client difficulty in cooperative process.

How to want to you just can win the client's credit?

Professional standardization

Professional standardization, and abide by occupation standard Cong Mou to plant degree comes up saying is outside the pillar that includes a property. If flatter oneself is clever,do not operate by standard flow, the consign of the product can appear " butt joint " a lot of problem such as difficulty, for the client in the future job leaves future trouble. Cannot establish long-term cooperative relationship apparently so.

On the other hand, when the client chooses a vendor, inevitably need considers cost issue. And refine as what serve demand, increase of the user ceaselessly, want to achieve service advantage, business is wrapped to also must control the cost of the service and quality strictly outside, and will serving modular, standardization is to realize the choice with this best target.

Promotion serves character

"The bag is professional service outside! " although the truth is plain, it is very hard however truly understand from place of personnel of course of study and accept. Investigation shows, the client centers most complain include " information feedback is not active " and " answer speed too slow " , this has the factor of the respect such as technical capability, flow admittedly, doing not have intense service consciousness also is very main reason.

And most those who let a client feel malcontent is " administrative cost raises " , want to undertake improvement in this respect, besides enhance a service besides consciousness, strengthen communication ability to also be become indispensible.

Ensure information is safe

Investigation shows, when the client is undertaking assessment to the service of the enterprise, besides technical actual strength, what value most is " dependability " and " trustful relation and confidential job " . Ensure information safety is the base that establishs firm and trustful relationship that is to say.

Interiorly safety mechanism and tool respect, a lot of companies have better government, introduce the information safety product such as safe content management for example. But outside the information security that includes business assures to need to establish more reliable mechanism, include standard and the attestation such as ISO27001. Investigation shows, business of the bag outside Chinese IT also has begun to undertake throwing in this respect.
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