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Failure of the bag outside IT is whose responsibility
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Recently, IDC is rolled out 2008 industry of science and technology 10 forecast greatly, a line is included outside IT service among them among them. In my professional career, I ever recieved orders the bag outside be in charge of having project of a large IT, make my impression the deepest mix among them the test that makes a person tricky most is this second outside the bag makes me deep-set " what responsibility of the bag outside IT disputes over trifles is purgatorial " .

The rapid development of the company, make we received an acid test, it is IT department staff on one hand the current situation that much, task weighs little, system, it is a company on the other hand even IT branch cuts cost, because lack valid of built-in control, carry,should eliminate criterion the troubled waters that brings about with technical difference, with serving business section more efficiently. Face this kind of situation, company apt wraps service business to be in charge of safeguarding outside system of system of will certain application, infrastructure and partial blame core. Can strengthen check of the monitoring to the system, make one's rounds on one hand so, a few relatively regular, sophisticated technologies the job gives company of the package outside major goes finishing, can make company IT personnel OK and dedicated at IT program and strategy are made. The technical power that service business can include outside have the aid of more on the other hand and IT service manage experience, help what the company makes a normalization move safeguard technological process of thought of manual of system, operation, carry to make IT operation system more perfect.

Accordingly, I am in charge of company accreditation having project of this part IT outside bag. Be in with outside the problem that ceaseless emerge in large numbers increases by degrees continuously in process of the collaboration that include business, make I am driven beyond forbearance. When I and outside the bag cooperates when square controller sits to exchange views, very fast our clear and real problem is cooperative both sides the responsibility that without legal principle Qing Dynasty each agree carries. The process is here medium, in the lair that we wrap responsibility to dispute over trifles outside deep-set IT. Finally, we decide to part company, each walk along each.

Responsibility is outside the bag does not go out

Generally speaking, project of the bag outside IT needs to consider 3 aspects: ① chooses the bag outside working what kind of IT. The bag outside ② serves the assessment of business and choice. The execution of the bag outside ③ and management. Limits of the bag outside the project that is in charge of as a result of me is already specific, two respects are the operation of a kind of formality only before place, but in the 3rd respect outside the bag is carried out and management lets me be mentally and physically exhausted however. The bag can help IT director go out from the extricate oneself in the bagatelle of numerous and complicated outside, but outside in wrapping the effect not to resemble anticipating so hopeful, the bag was brought outside more frequent mix internally communicate external. For example the commonnest problem is, because fail to establish effective communication medium of communication, service of the bag outside bringing about business section to often complain just cannot solve a problem effectively. In this period of time, I became the name matches the reality " fire fighting member " , all the day busy the outer bag service that comes nevertheless undertakes communication the job between business and business section.
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