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Industry of the bag outside Chinese IT upgrades urgently
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He Fenlan of reporter of dispatch of newspaper of online international business includes service company outside IT of China of Hou Yu report integrated ability and core technology remain to strengthen, talent construction issue is outstanding, brand and scope effect still were not formed. In the 6th China soft hand in what release on the meeting " investigation and study of competition ability of the bag outside Chinese IT reported 2008 " point out so.

The report thinks, since 2000, increase of demand ceaselessly as domestic and international market, and the policy environment that industry of service of our country stimulative IT grows is optimized ceaselessly, business of the bag outside Chinese IT welcomed historic development opportunity, competition ability of the bag outside IT increases ceaselessly.

According to data of Sai Di adviser, the bag outside Chinese IT served the market to continue to maintain high speed growth 2007, market dimensions achieves 12.5 billion yuan of above, grow 30% above compared to the same period, of market of whole of IT of the corresponding period of increase rate prep above add fast. Among them the dimensions of ITO is 7.6 billion yuan about, BPO service is 4.9 billion yuan dimensions about. In the meantime, the bag outside Chinese IT serves market future 5 years (2008 ~ 2012) will with of 28.5% year all compound increase rate grows quickly, the bag outside 2012 China IT serves integral market dimensions to will achieve 43.8 billion yuan or so.

With respect to structure of industry of service of the bag outside Chinese IT character, investigation shows, the close 4/5 of business is wrapped outside attending the business of the enterprise ITO of investigation to occupy, BPO business occupies 1/5 only strong, among them many enterprises are pursue onefold ITO business outside the bag serves trader. And develop with application software again in ITO business, research and development and design and application software support and maintain system waiting for IT compositive the business field that service of the bag outside managing with IT system wants for the proprietor of an enterprise.

The report shows, the income of a lot of enterprises relies on overseas order for goods completely, income of overseas order for goods takes business of the bag outside the enterprise on average year the 3/5 of turnover is strong. Data shows, the demand of overseas market is in in the near future outside bag market admiral takes dominant place. But the tremendous potential that a lot of enterprises also realize home market gradually, the industry of about 25% expresses to come from step up the business of home market.

The report thinks, as the ceaseless investment that IT builds, the ceaseless and patulous belt of IT system is safety of incoming letter breath, catastrophic all sorts of new issues such as backup, personnel administration and cost, reduce flow of competition ability of core of cost, promotion, perfect business to wait for a variety of appealing to to beg go up objectively the prosperity that service line of business includes outside promoting IT, and finance, make, telegraphic, content shedding, retail industry of service of the bag outside waiting to depend on the industry with higher rate to become IT to IT is main impetus. Investigation shows, the industry that surpasses a half has own research and development and the product of patent application and technology. Substantial manpower natural resources and the national policy that perfect stage by stage also were the development that course of study makes a production contract outside IT to create favorable environment.
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