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The bag outside IT is trap or day ladder
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On human history, the division of labor that industrialized high development brought about a society to produce is finer and finer, it puts a lot of workers from the solution in onerous physical labor. But inside certain period, a lot of support " traditional craft " the worker that have a meal lost rice bowl from this however. To this kind of phenomenon, after social informatization obtains great progress, showed again in the process of enterprise informatization it seems that, be wrapped outside IT even if rise to surface so.

One of accounts that generation includes outside IT are the ceaseless development of informatization. The content that the information system place nowadays involves increasing, structure is huger and huger, the thing that enterprise informatization also is IT him branch not just again.

Another reason is the high development of IT. Not just the function of IT hardware, software is ceaseless and powerful, it is to derive the company that undertakes IT serves technically more in the Information Industry, they had received IT in some hands from user IT branch safeguard for example in construction, management kind " dirty work, tired work " ; Some still serve a group technically through establishing even, offer complete solution for the user. The user should offer demand for service only, OK and all pass on gives IT the firm.

Such new way, to one still lies the group of growing phase -- CIO, what kind of effect will produce? To this, CIOINSIGHT heard two kinds of different point of views: A kind of viewpoint thinks, meeting general is wrapped outside IT a few specific technologies kind the job goes out from the depart in the routine of CIO, let a few CIO or accurate CIO lose pair of IT systems to build from this accuse, go down for a long time, can shake the position of CIO; Additionally one kind of viewpoint rather, this kind of viewpoint thinks, from inside specific technology work CIO disengagement comes out, can let CIO have the work related more energy attention and strategy of company business development, business management. Above viewpoint which more justifiable, more authentic?

For this, CIOINSIGHT invited two CIO and an analyst, collective " the effect that pair of CIO positions and faculty include outside IT " this one problem undertakes discussion. These 3 honored guests are group of He Yu of chief engineer of center of countrywide customs information, remote antiquity limited company of emerald green food is high in Hangzhou information director Li Zhong, and the analyst summer rain that comes from easy view international.

CIOI:IThe bag outside T to present enterprise, had been it seems that cannot evasive topic. But the rate that each enterprises use the bag outside IT is afraid have different, whether the fundamental condition of the bag outside asking two CIO to introduce respective unit IT first?

He Yu: Of center of countrywide customs information outside the maintenance that the bag basically centers in equipment of lead plane hardware and UPS (UPS) etc have very strong professional domain, and the carry dimension to infrastructure, these remain him center of countrywide customs information to undertake, remain center of countrywide customs information because of these advocate business Wu.
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