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The commercial battalion of commercial real estate hires pattern outside carry
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The technical demand that manages commercial real estate as a result of development is higher, the segment that includes outside its consequently is more also, divide outside taking the ground and enterprise to general managing and raise fund, the others all OK and proper way undertakes outside bag. For instance, the bag outside planning to design gives a designing institute, the product fixed position, bag outside enrolling business and commercial operation gives commercial government the company, and build, the bag outside decorating the link such as project, sale to all can part gives a building engineering company, adornment company and sale agent company. Of each link outside bag mode each are not identical, the article basically discusses the actor defect of the mode of 3 the bag outside planting of commercial operation.

Operation of business of commercial real estate is commercial real estate develops one of the most important segment in managing, it includes commerce to locate (the product locates) , commerce enrols business (brunt inn group in reaching, small shop enrols business) the content that the carry that reach camp runs 3 sides.

Commercial land agent is wrapped outside estate operation is to show commercial estate develops business strategical ground conformity company is exterior and preeminent or excellence professional technology and service resource, basically show commerce runs a company, will replace in-house part and personnel, the working job of the commercial operation link that develops a process in order to assume development business. Its purpose is resource of ministry of integrated inside and outside, reduce management cost, make the competition ability of enterprise oneself rises quickly, create better economic benefits. Like be wrapped outside commercial operation and be being wrapped outside the sale, should belong to link of the bag outside sale of commercial real estate.

Via old practice and summary, adviser of estate of rich intelligence quotient thinks, pattern hires outside there is operation of 3 kinds of businesses on the market at present: It is to entrust acting mode, develop business namely company of management of government of carte blanche business has business of city attune, fixed position, action, or management of put one's child in a boarding nursery operation; 2 it is pure advisory mode, namely commercial management company offers all sorts of relevant operation proposals and opinion to develop business, specific plan is carried out by development business proper motion; 3 it is executive adviser mode, show development business and combination of commercial management company establish executive group, by commercial government the company offers all sorts of program, the senior adviser that accredits project ground via the company is being run by commerce after both sides is affirmatory guides the relevant personnel that develops business to implement a plan in the round.

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