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What does business of service of the bag outside IT do
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The bag outside IT serves IT Outsourcing

Contemporary company the function the IT branch in the enterprise all or the bag outside the part, center energy to expand the core business of the enterprise, this kind of form already made IT management and application to specialization the trend of development, perfect with each passing day. Science and technology of information flourishing wind serves a provider as professional IT, help enterprise simplifies IT of IT management promotion serves character, economic IT throws cost, provide professional service for the user, satisfy individuation of user deep administrative levels to serve demand then.

The bag outside IT serves
The bag outside IT serves (IT Outsourcing) , it is a client will all or partial IT tool bag gives professional the service mode that the company finishs. Client conformity uses his the IT of exterior and best show specializations resource, achieve thereby reduce cost, raise efficiency, sufficient play the pattern of a kind of management of oneself core competition ability and the ability of meet an emergency of the environment outside enhancing a client to be opposite. This has made a trade that grows quickly, and be after 2000 grow quickly continuously. Current, the bag outside the IT of the major of American enterprise have the aid of that has had 60 % serves the business of rapid patulous oneself.

The bag outside why wanting IT serves
The aggravate that the market competes, make dedicated oneself core business became a company the most important live one of law. Accordingly, the bag serves a when with its the character such as the significant cut cost, core competition ability that enhances a business became increasing enterprise to adopt important trade measure outside. Du Luo overcomes the United States' famous person that be in charge of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties to ever predicted: "Come 15 years in 10 years in, the job that tiring-room is done to support only in any enterprises and does not create turnover should outside the bag goes out. " do you most those who be good at (core competition ability) , of the others outside bag! "Do What You Do Best (your Core Competency) And Outsource The Rest! "Had become a kind to cannot counter the tendency that turn.
Specific in light of:
One, the IT that the extensive sex of IT, complexity decided the undertaking is impossible to deploy the professional with very full-scale technology to be engaged in enterprise oneself works;
2, the narrow sex of establishment of enterprise oneself IT hard the IT technology qualified personnel with top-ranking tarry, cause personnel of effective use dimension to specialization degree is insufficient, enthusiasm is insufficient, the space of put to good use is too little, after IT staff learns new technology, applied space is too narrow, the scientific sex that affects enterprise IT work likely, systematization, economy, to IT personnel, the powerful latent capacity of oneself has the opportunity of put to good use very hard at all. E.g. , the company bought the malic machine of operating system of 2 Mac OS newly, IT personnel just has listened, to coordinate the development of the company, or abdication, or learns the relevant technology of Mac OS and specific application immediately, network application, for personnel of this pair of IT, it is the opportunity of a kind of study, but high fever was retreated very quickly, because if he spent too much energy and time,study this new technology to oneself new applying, was destined to be able to serve investment of; of machine of these 2 apples and accrual to compare only truly, honest too poor, cost is too big. If did not learn from good examples inside formulary time, do not know how to should apply, it is the application of meeting influence company in Mac OS for certain, reduced the competition ability of the enterprise, do bad, be about to be fried squid. Although the enterprise changed newlywed person, the likelihood is mixed in respect of human affairs invite applications for a job talent salary, social security respect should pay very big price.
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