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The bag outside enterprise It serves how accrual
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Although the bag outside IT comes for years all the time active with different face between the enterprise, bright however the enterprise can master truly how to undertake to the bag outside IT plan and carry out. In fact, a lot of companies still are in what make a few what bad luck ceaselessly is decision-making, brought needless destruction to company value.

These enterprises should learn now a bit cleverer! We summed up 8 kinds of methods that conduce to an enterprise getting bigger profit from inside the bag outside IT. They apply to the bag outside IT not only, also apply to more domain of the bag outside the commercial technological process of broad sense.

Method 1: Discover value, follow value

The bag can bring competition ability of core of promotion of financial income, economy gains, accountant accrual, outstanding achievement, company to rise outside wait for a lot of potential advantages. But outside the acquiescent choice that bag both neither is an enterprise, also not be cure-all clever medicine. Specific company even all IT business outside the bag goes out, the hope can cut down cost; quickly to still a few enterprises are in below the circumstance that lacks powerful commercial argument, the bag outside deciding will certain specific business goes out. They are in do not know oneself can gain how old potential profit at the beginning, this is unwise.

Should know a business after all can from outside how old reasonable earnings is achieved in the bag, you need demand of the economic atmosphere according to the enterprise, economic atmosphere of potential supplier, business, undertake an analysis to the circumstance. Want pair of cost especially, especially those shadow cost, undertake anatomize, the bag outside be like transfers, management, termination cost.

In fact, the likelihood goes between the real value that trading cognitive value and it includes outside brushstroke very far. If outside the bag cannot come true to having cost of at least 30% cut down, so the accrual that the bag outside this trades cannot be made up for probably transfer, management and terminative cost, the loss outweights the gain consequently.

You still should consider besides outside the other option plan outside Bao Zhi. Special when the enterprise enough big when, pass the data center of integrated company, can obtain with outside the dimensions economy effect with similar package.

Finally, want to realise the bag outside be not all IT business to suit: Have application software development, support, management and infrastructure only, compare the bag outside suiting. But the strategy of IT, processing and framework criterion not should all outside the bag goes out, although be opposite only,among them part business undertakes outside bag, also want careful act.

Method 2: Outside the bag serves as lifecycle and not be to trade will manage

A lot of companies and business are advisory the requirement that the bag outside paying attention to relatively trades: Contract. But to legal clause pay attention to overly can hamper you are opposite the attention of other essential factor, thereby block up your enterprise from outside more benefit are gotten in the bag.
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