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The bag outside It serves business how to increase service capacity
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A lot of medium and small businesses are facing a lot of development difficult problem, especially nearly 23 years. Vendor company is not exceptional also.
Fortunately, software industry is the industry that national emphasis gives aid to, having relatively superior policy environment. From the State Council last year of print and distribute " a certain number of opinions that serve industry about accelerating development " , to the 915 programs of former MII, arrive again the 1 million projects of Department of Commerce, still have the COSEP project that ministry of science and technology is promoting all the time, appearing kindness to have the policy atmosphere that add. But in last few years, vendor company grows what not be like expectation is hale, besides pass and buy enlarge large-scale, strive for the attestation such as CMMI/ISO/SAS besides. Even some of company still is in extremely the business that doing as healthy as the enterprise progress to run in the opposite direction. . .
Draw lessons from the research of CMU, 10 crucial region that list SP needs exert oneself to develop to take ability in order to rise by accident, offer reference.
1.Knowledge Management
The company must have perfect system or methodology, have information management and intellectual government, convenient employee is efficient the job.
2.People Management
Strengthen personnel administration. Understand the ability need of Workforce and Personnel, adopt proper drive, effective consign serves.
3.Performance Management
Catch effectively, analysis, use all sorts of performance data, include with the difference between the competitor, persistent accumulation experience and improve.

4.Relationship Management
Run the concern between the person that close with each interest remote effectively, include client, supplier, partner to wait.

Safeguard good technology infrastructure, of the control that incorporates pair of existing technologies, new technology change, between the person that close with remote compositive etc.
6.Threat Management
Identify actively with all sorts of menace that manage pair of organization capacity, strengthen risk management, right safety and privacy try to protect, hand-in-hand travel disaster restores to plan to wait.


8.Service Design&Deployment
Contract provision- ->Service design- ->Service deploy- ->Service delivery

9.Service Delivery
Be based on contract acceptance and service design, consign serves. Plan with what dog.

10.Service Transfer