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Manage project of the bag outside IT how effectively
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"IT internationalization, go outwards " had been put forward several years in our country, and " outside bag " be maintained by a lot of domestic IT elite " IT (software) internationalization " gangplank, subsequently and management of project of the bag outside the IT that come also became the central issue that discusses to argue even. The article from macroscopical analysis home " outside bag " proceed with of project current situation, the analysis is current home " outside bag " the place of the difficulties of the project, if be aimed at,elaborated from 5 respects further next current " outside bag " the characteristic of the project, to what differ " outside bag " how does project type have project government.

One, situation of market of the bag outside current home IT

The data that comes from IDC shows, the bag outside Chinese IT served market comparing to go up 2003 year grew 34.2% , the digital col that surmounts 300 million dollar first reachs 318 million dollar, although at present outside the share that includes the market to occupy whole IT to serve the market still is less than 10% , but future will carry driving growth state 5 years, year all grow be expected to achieve 44.2% above, exceed IT to serve industry average increase rate is one times nearer above.

This shows, market potential is wrapped outside tremendous, it is dimensions not only big, and stable, profit space is far also relatively domestic IT sale wants many rich and generous. With respect to that software industry, china has tremendous software constant, it is the world's accepted software development natural resources, gartner studies the company is forecasted, arrived 2007 during 2010, china will be become the biggest on the world outside bag market. Occupy the datagram last year to accuse, each country sends the United States in including an amount to send a bag to measure 110 billion dollar; Japan sends a bag to measure 33.7 billion dollar; Indian software exports 7.7 billion dollar; Chinese software exports 800 million dollar. Because this is current,a few big software development companies of domestic are trying the package outside doing. Be opposite for instance the market includes outside day software " blowout type " development, let our country enterprise be mad with joy. To the bag outside day software, already became a kind of fashion of industrial group sadly.

Current, the package that place of domestic software company accepts is most the project code of dispute core module or code simply or undertake this locality is changed etc, still have the package that one kind is wrapped even if software tests additionally. Before a few years " software tests a package " " it is to be bound to be in " this locality spends a bundle " in undertake, and now, "Software tests a package " the software company that China includes outside be being put forward to come alone, and because software test is a business complex also workload huge works, develop quickly in home and have capacious development latent capacity in the future.
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