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The advantage of the bag outside IT
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The bag outside IT promotes the development of the enterprise
Stimulative organization is transitional
In the bag outside poineering initial stage of a company IT can save a large sum of initiative investment, alleviate effectively do poineering work period the insecurity of capital; What the bag outside IT is helpful for an enterprise is amalgamative, buy and mix recombine an activity; The level that the package outside be helpful for using includes outside IT will promote in-house IT the branch.

Improve IT to serve a level
The bag outside IT can raise information to serve a level, raise a service to answer speed and efficiency. Business of the bag outside IT often can compare inside information branch to provide the service with higher quality in certain domain, the activity that the IT branch that the news service that daily operation sex and burden sex include outside IT can make a company interior concentrates energy in those to be able to be an enterprise to create value truly and applied respect enhanced the prestige of in-house IT branch.

Obtain IT and capability
The bag outside IT can be obtained the most advanced the technology with forward position and skill; Again the enterprise can be obtained exterior available the resource of the respect such as equipment, service; Can mix IT skill easily antiquated venture move gives the bag outside IT trader; Can make business is wrapped to partake outside enterprise and IT the risk of new technology or the risk impute to new technology include business outside IT; What wrap outside IT is strategical one of consideration elements are: Business of the bag outside IT of have the aid of and the skill that show some, future hold synchronous dominant position, improve technical service, offer the opportunity that contacts new technology, will realize an enterprise with spending fewer, last a period of time the kind with shorter, less risk drives IT to be in an enterprise developing function.