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Baidu market share glides first suffer factitious interference to search embroil
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This is Baidu in China the search brings those who prop up market share to glide first. Analytic personage points out, big city of China is the vane that searchs engine, baidu is from build up of Beijing, Shanghai, affect the throughout the country gradually next. Baidu is in Beijing, Shanghai of field portion glide your person is anxious, this one trend can continue to spread to other area likely.

   Suffer factitious interference to search embroil

The market observes the personage points out, of Baidu market share glide to suffer doubt to concern with search justice sex. Long-term since, baidu majority income depends on contest price to rank professional work, and the core of this business is the order in arranging a website to search a result in Baidu according to client offering discretion. Because this one business adds factitious interference element in searching a result, and suffer industry doubt fully.

In these a few years of time that Baidu rises abruptly, because Chinese Internet is in inchoate phase, network content is not quite rich, add Chinese netizen in still be familiar with a process gradually to Internet, the effect that business of this kind of rank contains internally does not have direct system to come out now.

But first time of Chinese netizen quantity exceeded the United States 2008, become world Internet the biggest country, the user is mature with each passing day, network content is rich with each passing day also, contest price rank also is reflected gradually to user influence come out. And this kind of symptom is reflected above all big city waits in Beijing, Shanghai.

As the aggrandizement of market position, baidu searchs commercialize a trend to be sent more apparent, be oppugned by the market, the public fears its commerciality runs mode to affect what cease to open letter to retrieve the effect and sort result, turn consequently with other collect fees and be not collect fees the search tool with information more apparent classification.

Hoping advisory investigation shows, the person that has 34.6% is evaluated to Baidu to the evaluation prep above of Google, the adverse person that has 29% only.

The user affects use experience because of search justice sex, baidu gives now to slip first in the market share of these big cities. Connection receives 3 deer to the Baidu that comes out recently 3 million heal expends a message, market general more the aggravate doubt to Baidu justice sex.

  Profit pattern faces a challenge

Study the personage is afraid, from long-term look, the commercial pattern of Baidu will greet the public just to its sex and commerciality accept or reject the height between is examined, will affect its final trade result and market to have degree.

A negotiable securities analyst that does not wish to disclose a full name says, if Baidu is unalterable,rank the dependence of business to contest price, development goes new commercial pattern, the stock of Baidu will get afresh the assessment of wall street.
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