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Setting strategy reachs Windows system safety to take firewall introduction ones
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Setting strategy reachs Windows system safety to take firewall introduction oneself

Firewall and the software that reduce toxin is the indispensable one part in user computer all the time, the network safety of a lot of netizens relies on to was being propped up this at 2 o'clock completely, and the safe setting that how has used the software that reduce toxin, firewall and strategy just is crucial question. Although the common software that reduce toxin needs to install the user with current rejoin by acquiesce only,safe concept can begin the work, but setting the safe strategy with a good function is not so simple however, the software firewall that takes oneself in the computer especially, if do not deserve to have strong strategy supports, so block enemy rate can be occupied only 7 into the left and right sides.

Use current situation

Very apparent the times in popularity of virus of current computer trojan, network safety is attached most importance to especially should. Ace distains to be considered however to this, still kill in disturbed outfit soft ” of streaking of the “ in the network with firewall, although ace people kill without installation soft with tripartite firewall, but its use the firewall function that takes oneself in the system however, compose builds strategy to will come enemy resist it is besides cordon. A lot of layman think Windows firewall is fluky all the time, because do not understand this firewall strategy,actually that is how to make up, so ability cannot let his be developed, so that all directions runs,beg cure to ask medicine comes everywhere protection system is safe.

Firewall whole is installed

To common netizen and server administrator, the firewall safety strategy that configuration system takes oneself and the software that reduce toxin is coequal and significant. Open Control Panel, in the common setting of firewall, user but according to the data in exceptional list, the program to leading to the outside currently whether then discharged, make tick off anthology, OK amid undertakes corresponding editor and add program and port. In senior options the user can appoint the configuration of Windows firewall log, the name that discard to join with the success and designates log file what whether record data bag and position (acquiescent setting reachs his for Systemrootpfirewall.log) most high capacity.

And because Icmp message is used at diagnosing, the action of report mistake circumstance and configuration, the user can be installed in its in proper motion setting, be enabled in order to amount to and prohibit the kind that allows the Icmp information that all join that choose on senior options card pass into with Windows firewall, and fall in acquiescent circumstance, any Icmp informations do not allow in this list. After setting above project, can enable this to take firewall to have routine oneself, building following software strategy ever since.

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