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First game player is special and safe software comes out
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First game player is special and safe software comes out

BullGuard of British security firm and Steelseries of manufacturer of electronic athletics peripheral together, released industry the first safe software “BullGuard Gamers Edition” that faces game player technically.

BullGuard says, this software is a foundation with BullGuard Internet Security 8.0, added distinctive game element, what because this realized systematic security and game,can enjoy a sex is perfect and integrated, because this resembles,play upgrade a window, automatically the problem that waits for game of easy interference user will be complete not answer existence. The game that appoints beforehand is started, software optimizes mode to game with respect to meeting switch, independence includes in corresponding configuration software prevent poison poison and firewall set, ensure systematic natural resources is preferential use at game.

Of course, the game mode that says here and setting can be defined by oneself, and the user can give what each game points to phasing to answer to optimize a setting, in order to get used to different need.

BullGuard Gamers Edition took those who be aimed at many 70 game to optimize a setting oneself, all can use directly. If the player's game is absent among them, can activation first current game mode, can found configuration file by oneself second.

The investigation that BullGuard and Steelseries had recently shows, the player of 20 % is in game when did not let a system completely get any protection, the others has a half to complain the safe software that says them can affect game experience in 80 % .

Windows 2000 of support of BullGuard Gamers Edition and 32/64 Windows XP/Vista, price is annual 49.99 pound, odd user accredit provides space of 1GB online backup, buy triplet accredit to be able to upgrade to 5GB at the same time.

Edition of 32 try out downloads:


Edition of 64 try out downloads: