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H3C IP stores integrated program aids force Heibei to save application of educat
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Two function exceed equipment of strong ten thousand storage to center application, does memory bring the data that can you give an user what to kind ofly urge action? A few days ago, the ten thousand IP of two H3C that the data center that office of Heibei province education builds purchases stores equipment IX3620 is formal on the line moves, answered this question with actual application. The integrated solution that through Shuang Mozhao memory comprises, online memory and close line CDP apply Quan Mozhao of office of Heibei province education neither by accident, build a center of ten thousand high-powered data, promoted be on guard the ability of data risk, assured to interior of office of Heibei province education handles official bussiness and business handles official bussiness on the net successional with security, increased integrated service capacity. The ten thousand high-powered IP that this also is H3C innovation sex stores the solution is teaching the new breakthrough that the domain achieves.

As the flying evolution that teachs a career, heibei saves the leap of information system data bulk that teachs hall, this locality hard disk that uses originally stores means already cannot get used to the growth of demand, affect business movement not only, data loses a risk more outstanding also. Accordingly, in office of Heibei province education new data center is built in, hope to realize efficient collect Chinese style to store not only, the security that stores to data also raised taller requirement. And the data storage platform that relies on Gao Ke to lean only, ensure data is safe, ability safeguard teachs hall of each business smooth begin.

In the light of Heibei the province teachs the effective demand of hall, the solution of conformity of memory of ten thousand IP that H3C offerred innovation sex, carry the IX3620 of equipment of ten thousand storage of end through two, compose is built remove give attention to two or morethings is online at the same time memory and the CDP successive data that close line backs up protect platform, in implementation Gao Ke leans, while high-powered online concentration stores, those who made sure close line backup stores is efficient with safety. Use the function that ten thousand memory of H3C has powerful, expansibility strong, facilitating management, extend easily wait for character, heibei province teachs hall to build a high-powered data center, broke through the bottleneck of traditional storage technology, for business successional with data protection provided solid basis.

And the memory conformity solution of H3C more the business that solved Heibei to save educational office to care most is successional problem. Store through two ten thousand IP between IX3620 cooperate, all business data is keeping office of Heibei province education advocate memory while, the data that can store be installed between equipment according to two protects strategy, realize data backup memory automatically, once appear the accident circumstance such as breakdown of software, hardware, protection system of CDP successive data can make sure inside a few minutes business returns to normal, need a few hours than traditional backup software, even data of a few days resumes a course for, what utmost ground assured business is successional.
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