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IBM rolls out XIV reseau to store systematic lock serves industry surely
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IBM publishs technology of multinomial and integrated storage and service, the blue print of information base framework that after showing skill of conformity of the person that come to buy line of business of below many memory in succession this year from last year, plans. Data will repeat integratedly to delete with IBM VLS after buying next Diligent for example (De-duplication) technology, integrated Arsenal place protects the online and long-range data that roll out the technology, and the reseau memory product that integrated Israel stores place of service supplier XIV Nextra is rolled out.

Cater to the trends of mass data of network Web 2.0 that rises gradually memory demand, IBM stores the reseau of XIV technology and IBM SAN Volume Controller(SVC) make conformity, use SVC and technology of XIV reseau storage to be able to process industry mass data cut to be the storage cell of the smallest 1MB, dispersive memory go up at many hard disk, with the parallel processing of reseau framework figure means quickens data to access speed.

Cooperate the conformity of XIV technology, IBM rolls out XIV storage system, interior can configure 15 memory module, every module but to load 12 SATA hard disk, provide the hard disk capacity of 180TB at most. Because capacity of halfway hard disk moves,nevertheless be valid occupies protection and data to turn put memory space with, practical memory capacity is 80TB.

Career of IBM system science and technology is in a system to store Zhang Jiahao of equipment product manager expresses, because XIV uses the parallel that reseau stores to treat framework design, when because this is become,specific hard disk is marred inside the system, the system will be automatic will mar the data on hard disk to turn put other hard disk, after waiting for newer hard disk, answer data again put on new hard disk, provide stable and reliable memory framework, with 1TB data bulk rebuild for exemple, the test can be finished in 30 minutes of less than as a result.

Zhang Jiahao expresses, introduce XIV to store the system comes after the stage, because its are the smallest,number is 1MB according to memory cut unit, suit to be used at the online real time such as network service or bank banking service the memory demand with giant fluctuant data bulk, the automatic cure that its have also can simplify with maximize function more enterprise memory runs requirement.

On the function, IBM XIV system is supportable FC or ISCSI are concatenate, on systematic government function of supportable Snapshot snapshot, and support Thin Provisioning fictitious change, the person that if the network such as book of email, photograph serves industry,the network that can not have upper limit in the light of the capacity serves uses a service actually according to the user the memory resource with quantity allocation virtual control.

Besides roll out XIV besides storage system, IBM also announces the heavy complex number of integrated Diligent rolls out ProtectTIER Server according to deleting a technology, will choose the real time that match to repeat data to delete a technology for user of product of the VLS below the banner, can occupy heavy complex number carry in VLS namely go ahead of the rest is deleted, relatively at back end processing framework saves memory resource. Other still has what backup of long-range data of IBM of the aggrandizement after acquiring Arsenal technology protects technical; and the aggrandizement after integrated FilesX uses Microsoft Windows platform to go up to medium and small businesses to last data is protected (plan of Continuous Data Protection) and branch are long-range data restores a system.
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