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Demand of leader of new rural area of informatization construction push forward
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Demand of leader of new rural area of informatization construction push forward is exuberant

In recent years, agricultural IT appears in agricultural whole development particularly important. As the development of market economy, agricultural information is promoting rural economics development, heighten the effect with commercialize horizontal field to be being developed mainer and mainer, provide information for basic level country public service, become new period government to rise be in office the ability, main track that builds new rural area. The problem of rural informatization is serious problem, no matter be pair of “ 3 farming the settlement of ” problem, the process of the development that still is pair of Information Industry and informatization is having very important sense.

Up to by 2005, urban netizen has ninety-one million six hundred and eighty-six thousand about, 42% what urban population occupies countrywide population, 82.6% what have netizen number however, popularity rate is amounted to 16.9% , the total dimensions of rural netizen nineteen million three hundred and forteen thousand, in take the throughout the country the netizen that the population of 58% has 17.4% only however, popularity rate is only 2.6% . MII informatization advances Si Zhengli to pursue around these problems, drive manufacturer, software to develop provider of business, service especially among the tide that operation business blends in rural informatization to build better, capture once in a blue moon historical chance, fulfil oneself mission.

Be aimed at this one measure, chinese Nuo net be the first to be affected, the lead plane that roll out has scenario of supportive PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, , much domain name is bound decide and much child website, provide the powerful function such as ACCESS database at the same time. Besides system of analysis of information of particular and advanced website, telegraphic, net opens computer room option. What price of sex of its lead plane compares is tall it is some of the delicacy inside course of study. This company controller still says: “ operation enterprise wants firm establish information to serve idea of trade large trade, quicken innovation and transition pace, develop the new business new application that gets used to a country to farmer of need, press close to is produced and live energetically, satisfy the information communication requirement of rural disparate arrangement of ideas ceaselessly. ”

From the country the angle of macroscopical policy looks, rural informatization is built, it is to advance information communication course of study to coordinate the underlying demand that can expand continuously in the round not only, also be ” of chasm of contractible “ number, drive “ 3 farming ” problem is solved, the serious content that accelerates harmonious society construction. Realize development to rely on achievement of people, development to be shared by people for people, development thereby, the full-scale development of stimulative person.
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