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Make to SATA from PATA data restores more complex
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Although you had never heard of PATA driver, but I dare be sure you are familiar with collateral ATA technology very much certainly. PATA driver is already popular on market several years, but often often just be spoken of by people place till recently. It is a kind of IDE driver actually.

In recent years, IDE bus line produced deep administrative levels change, each rate rises apparently. Tear open the IDE hard disk that produced 1992 come down, you can see 3.5 inches standard still is being used in continuance now. One has the IDE driver that uses the history 15 years to still having identical connector, and present exactly like. In fact, you can disassemble old driver completely come down, installation arrives on a new computer, and copy the data above that come down, of course, premise is the word that that old hard disk driver still still can use.

The manufacturer of PC people want slowly make the drive of PATA no longer, such they can use a kind of new technology, and get no longer those are so called " old " the block that all sorts of use of IDE driver. Accordingly, SATA was born.

The interface besides driver and controller is different beyond, SATA driver and PATA go basically is same. This means SATA and PATA photograph to compare, the capability that read and keeps is same. However, SATA driver is gotten more quickly however than the transmission speed of PATA driver much.

All the time since, the oldest transmission rate of PATA driver hard disk is 100MBps. Recently, this index achieved 133MBps. Under photograph comparing, the transmission speed of driver of SATA hard disk can achieve 1.5GBps greatly most, probably 1500MBps. Have now appeared an updated technique is called SATA2, can support the rate of transmission 3.0GBps. Carry incidentally, SATA2 can be used on the machine of those SATA interface, the speed that just transmits can reduce the 1.5GBps like be the same as that controller only.

The advantage of driver of SATA hard disk is to behave the rapidder transmission rate in it to go up not only. Use SATA driver returns smaller than using PATA driver to use volume power source cable and data cable. The cable with minorrer volume can save larger space for computer, so that the air loop with still can undertake better so sends out quantity of heat.

What do these have to concern after all? Because have the server that uses the history a few years to those,the first reason with why change SATA very main is for, we can be informed whether this reform is cannot highbrow perhaps circumstance very quickly. The hard disk driver of PATA still exists now, but they are progressively also disappearing. In fact, they are in rapid pare. Finally, we cannot change again PATA hard disk, because they are already complete,fogyism took the train that is washed out. The controller of SATA driver can insert PCI to insert groove to use, but if all PCI on the machine insert groove,was taken up, so SATA driver does not have a place to be able to be inserted.
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