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The refreshment of independent backup software suffers praise highly fully
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As the constant change of user environment, industry data is growing with volatile dimensions. According to IDC statistic, 2007, the information content of digital universe achieved 281 billion GB, to 2011, will achieve 1.8 trillion GB, compare 2006, its dimensions enlarged 10 times, data growth rate is very breathtaking.

Data dimensions is volatile growth brought grim challenge to industry data backup. Above all, because need backup data bulk too the index warehouse that the general brings about backup software is too old, create backup window time thereby too long, meet more than 24 hours even, cause the failure of backup task finally. Next, data rehabilitates property not beautiful, the system restores to lack flexibility. What need a specification among them is, often the user does not want the last backup, occasionally, the backup before the user thinks in order to will restore data, below this kind of circumstance, the time that restores an expenditure is met longer, include: Artificial interpose, book writes search of content of script, tape to wait a moment, rehabilitate those who cause a system property not beautiful. In flexibility respect, user place needs to restore often individual file and individual table are simple, but restore with respect to the system and character, often lack such flexibility.

According to authoritative statistic, the 60% ~ that back up and restore the job of industry data to occupy gross of memory management job 70% , some systems manager needs to cost 4 ~ 6 hours to come even everyday the discovery, problem that diagnose and solves existence of backup work place. Even if is such, backup / the mortality that resumes operation still is as high as 5% ~ 20% , analyse among them reason, comprise backup data bulk breakdown of too big, medium, forget change tape, wait for a reason without visit attributive, can cause backup task failure. More serious is, the backup task that these fail can not discover immediately normally, that is to say, although back up the task succeeds, but because back up the tape in the process damages,wait, the data that can cause backup is not recoverable, wait for the ability when undertaking data restores to discover these problems, the evening when be.

The CTO Doug Barry of American Blessing hospital points out: "We invested a large number of resource on backup, but still cannot satisfy backup requirement, our data usability also got affect accordingly. I must spend a large number of time to study all sorts of breakdown, install a patch next, restore a large number of old data. " in home, one is not willing to divulge the shipping company CIO of unit and full name points out, look from the plan with at present existing market, back up with industry data and restore relevant flow, exactly the amount occupies snapshot of backup, data, data duplicate, data is migratory, and data file, it is each independent product, design of a plan needs 6 ~ 7 software, increased the burden of study not only, also make management more intricate.
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