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The data in electronic government affairs restores technical research
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As the development of the propulsion of civilization of our country politics and social informatization, electronic government affairs already became governmental application IT to have the important form of social government and service. The problem of safety of data of of all kinds information of the memory in system of electronic government affairs matters to the interest of government and country directly. Data backup regards electronic government affairs as the indispensable main component in the system, it is the technical measure that makes sure data resource dependability, consistency and integrality are necessary, data backs up also be known as is last line of defence that assures data security.

1. The importance that data backs up

In the construction of system of electronic government affairs and management, the security of government affairs data is very important. No matter be the menace that comes from natural disaster, still identify the disaster that is subjective element, once what save data is destroyed or lose, can cause serious effect to the routine of the government sector, bring significant loss to national interest even. Via not complete count, the element of security of data of system of minatory electron government affairs has the following sides:

(1) natural ingredient: ; of accident of earthquake, fire, thunder, flood, hurricane, industry

(2) person is an element: Theft, destroy in cold blood, experience of virus, lack causes by accident operation, pressure deletes; by accident with what panic causes

(3) hardware breakdown: ; of breakdown of machine of hard disk injury, server delay, power source, memory breakdown

(4) software breakdown: The database designs; of breakdown of blemish, application software, operating system breakdown

(5) network breakdown: Card of network join problem, network and driver breakdown.

However, allow why to prevent the safeguard that is a purpose, no matter how its are comprehensive considerate, meticulous in a subtle way, can decrease as far as possible only and not be the happening that puts an end to disaster, of the computer data that causes when sudden incident and factitious, accident place destroy, when losing arise suddenly, how does the most crucial question recover tube-shaped part of computer science department namely, make its move normally. From show level to look, use data to back up the system backs up crucial data is to solve data attaint and missing exclusive and feasible solution.

The field researchs in data backup, back up with server and data normally equipment (like the magetic tape station) a when join rate serves as evaluation data backup to popularize degree and safe to data degree of protection important measure index. US-led western developed country, take technology of data storage backup seriously very much in the informatization construction such as electronic government affairs, make full use of its. According to statistic, be in abroad, the join of database server and magetic tape station has been achieved 60% , and in home, be less than the server join of 15% to have backup facility only.
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