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Information of mobile phone of discretion of citizen maintenance beard is recove
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3 days, mr Zhang goes to the citizen Jiaohua electron macrocosm maintains a mobile phone, enquire him when maintenance technician, whether to restore original know exactly how things stand is occupied inside the mobile phone, mr Zhang feels very open-eyed, it is below him unwitting circumstance, the information in the mobile phone is restored, was individual privacy divulged do how?

Yesterday, the reporter comes to Jiaohua electron macrocosm with building the name of the mobile phone, discover many mobile phones maintain a ministry to be able to undertake data restore. As we have learned, mobile phone data restores to restore to be in with data of computer hard disk the technique is photogenic and similar, not only it is the short information in the mobile phone, address book, connect picture and kinescope to also can restore.

To this, personnel of technology of company of a science and technology introduces, when has used mobile phone is maintained or selling best important information derives inside machine, reentry travel format is changed delete, restore the mobile phone the setting when leaving factory, have nothing to do to the memory in mobile phone memory next information till " be full of " hind, brush again keep information a few times, such again and again cover former news, can enhance security effectively, when necessary, still can put forward help of professional technology personnel to finish to mobile phone manufacturer.

Wu Yunxia's lawyer points out attorney office, if be distributed because of information of individual mobile phone, cause machine advocate the privacy right of party, reputation authority, even commercial secret loss, privately restores and use other to already deleted number to break the law according to belonging to. Wu Lv division suggests, sign with the other side when maintaining a mobile phone " confidential agreement " , close right increase in order to protect oneself.