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Data and Domain cooperate hand in hand data restores
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Common saying cloud, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness in all strong. No matter be IBM or Microsoft wait the big company with well-known industry a moment, still resemble Data Domain such professional firm, the deep value that realizes collaboration, such ability provide a function for enterprise user more complete, the product with more advanced technology.

Data Domain announced yesterday, with service supplier BluePoint Data Storage, DSS (Distributed Systems Services, inc. ) the solution of the service that allow calamity that offers those who be based on Data Domain to repeat data to delete storage system to provide cost effectiveness more for business client with Simply Continuous collaboration. Use the system of Data Domain, these service suppliers can help each model the use that the enterprise eliminates tape backup establishment. The user needs to pay a month fee only, can come true to back up from data data duplicates of the process full automatic change.

Disaster of the bag outside managing what service supplier offers recovers high cost of the technology, the company is large of backup or the data set that file duplicate drain resource of many network bandwidth, restricted this kind of service to be used extensively. To large company, . Line of couplet of Data Domain high speed repeats data to delete a technology to be able to reduce data bulk considerably, reduce the bandwidth demand with different duplicate ground thereby. The service supplier partner of Data Domain can offer full automatic duplicate solution for terminal user, not only economy is efficient, the operation is very simple also. In addition, the stability of the simple and easy sex of the efficient, deploy that Data Domain memory capacity uses and framework, let served supplier and user to reduce the cost of integral framework and overhead expenses further.

"Of emerge as the times require of basis client demand ' software serves namely ' mode, comb-out the high cost that runs immanent function place to bring about and complexity. " the sale vice-president Beth White of Data Domain expresses: "Use Data Domain system, service supplier can be based on heavy complex number to be mixed according to deleting a technology to be developed quickly the storage facilities with new deploy. Terminal user and administrative service supplier can be mixed with inferior cost fewer administrative natural resources, obtain provide those who extend a gender more, by the systematic plan that needs to purchase. Obtain provide those who extend a gender more, by the systematic plan that needs to purchase..

New client and service supplier support statement

"What the data of Data Domain protects transmission technology to let me can finish all tape to back up below the circumstance that need not raise IT cost is migratory. " the Vincent Kenny of IT chief inspector of Savvion expresses. "Continuously of invest in stale, fluky technology is like tape, dispute often cannot take. Data Domain and Simply Continuous, offer backup of different ground data and extensive compound proposal, through using the data of Data Domain protection transmits a technology whenever produce disaster, the information of Savvion is to be in accept protective position. And the refreshment of data rate and compare with tape photograph, apparent more get the better of one prepare. Apparent more get the better of one prepare..
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