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The balance of RPO and RTO
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A lot of enterprise or business although the unit has realized the value of information safety, did not act tardy however. Among them reason is many sided, a variety of doubt exist on the problem that how is a the mainest reason building the system that allow calamity namely. Index of the design that allow calamity is main restore ability to concern with the data of the system that allow calamity, the commonnest design index has RTO and RPO. RPO is to show that one time that can restore data to go is nodded, RTO is to point to after occurrence problem " when " can restore data.

RPO but the biggest data with simple described as can patient enterprise loses an amount. To understand better, can think way of conventional data backup, general backup is one day is done, it is normally in the late evening. If appear the following day mistake, the data that when after that is finished from backup, appearing to the mistake, keeps cannot be redeemed, there is backup during this, data was lost! If the mistake appears when a day of end, data of that day was lost, below this kind of circumstance, RPO is 24 hours.

To improve RPO, data protection must undertake often. Below most circumstance, the frequency that increases backup is not actual. The reason has: 1. Height period of time of application cannot undertake backing up operating; 2. Beautiful time of backup data place is too long. To improve RPO, need has new method, this kind of method restores to manage namely, with duplicate to improve RPO effectively with snapshot technology continuously.

RTO but the refreshment with simple described as can patient enterprise time. In traditional data protection, backup data cannot be used instantly, must restore first. Of object level restore a function to be able to restore single goal effectively, be like a file or a mail, it is the gather of a lot of files and mail even. However, time still needs when restoring whole database and huge data.

Want to solve this problem, must undertake duplicating to producing data, found mirror snapshot or duplicate continuously, or both is done. Because duplicate,be on-line, can throw instantly use, the RTO of whole database or huge data perhaps has 5 minutes only or shorter.

When designing a system that allow calamity however, cannot go after RPO and RTO overly, because RPO and RTO are smaller, investment will be larger. And overall and devoted cost is higher, investment return rate will be lower. From economic angle consideration, first-rate allows calamity the solution is not the solution allowing calamity with best benefit certainly, because allow the overall and devoted TCO of calamity system and investment redound ROI, very main design index is for much to making user.