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Data backup and restore to be the insurance on industry data
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Data backup technology
Data backup, buy insurance to the data with main business namely actually, and this kind of way that corresponding money gives compensation merely in be sure to live compared with reality appears more true, it can be honest reductive the data that your backup rises, did not leak. People often says safe dominant position, the person ability that produces an accident only is experienced. The person that should use is looked at originally well hard disk, now just is to pile the frosty, strong case that comprises by metal and silicon place, and the person that use accumulates the data that come down to disappear for years when disappearing, data backup, the action that perhaps says data is safe shows with respect to will complete system.

Understand country when you each hard disk that big data restores a company to be able to answer the person that use hold use one pile in both hands to need emergency treatment everyday, understanding counts major of yuan of in order to to company plant the investment of data backup equipment, understanding goes to the United States about 9.11 hind the report that 90% companies close down inside two years after producing disastrous data to lose, you can know data backup has how important.

The backup technology of current main trend
Data backup:
Occupy the backup that undertake in the light of number namely, direct and duplicate important data arrives in storage equipment, in perhaps maintaining data changeover existence storage facility for the mirror. We allude here professional backup software, if number of Veritas, love waits backup software a moment, CD and shift dish also belong to this kind.

The pattern that its use understands relatively easily, cent is chase archives and mirror two kinds. It is direct undertake duplicating to the file, another be deposit file pressing into the mirror.

The advantage is to go to the lavatory to be used easily, also be broad user is most commonly used. Defect is security very low, make mistake easily. Its undertake backup in the light of data, if file itself occurrence mistake will not restore, the action of that backup was mentioned with respect to have no way.

Track backup:
Technology of this kind of backup is direct undertake scanning to the track of ability disk, direct record issues the change of track.

The advantage is very accurate, because be the change that records track directly, so error rate stores for the major such as 0.NAS equipment uses technology of this kind of backup namely almost, it is current in the backup technology with small the most popular look forward to.

The pattern that track backup uses is more skimble-scamble, all sorts of backup mode introduce in detail below:

If you ask a not ripe to computer backup program person, he may tell you, backup is nevertheless get on the computer " all " data, copy just. In other words, if you do backup in the evening in Tuesday, did not alter any data on the computer on Wednesday, so the backup that does in the evening on Wednesday, with what do in the evening before today, be just the same.
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