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Service of the bag outside IT has Zhang Ke follow
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Recently, data declares GDS10000 state: GDS with " 0 be short of break " passed ISO20000 attestation, change card attestation through ISO27001 and ISO9001 (need 3 every years to weigh careful) , this makes GDS becomes the company that home passes ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO20000 attestation the 2nd times at the same time, also be company of service of the bag outside the IT that home passes these 3 attestation the first times at the same time.

Long-term since, the IT that service provider includes outside how deciding enterprise interior and IT serves quality and service value, how to make, normative IT serves technological process, how to limit IT to serve responsibility, how formulate, carry out unified IT to serve the problem such as the standard to perplexing enterprise CIO all the time. Now, these difficult problem had eventually " settlement way " . ISO20000 concerns from daily movement dimension, related side and serve consign to wait for a respect, gave out to accord with the standard of international standard and requirement, involve incident to management, question government, configuration management, change manages and release management among them, supplier relation and client relation manage, report of service level management, service, usability is successional management, capacity management, financial the object of the many flow such as budget and business accounting management and domain.

Data vice-president Wang Qi represents GDS10000 state: ISO20000 planned framework of very complete IT service system, it is completely with the service oriented, the service experience that faces a client completely and satisfaction are spent. Adopt this standard, mean GDS to be able to be offerred to the client more the bag outside high quality, more perfect IT serves; In the meantime, of this one standard change through also promoting what GDS interior manages with innovation.

As we have learned, this is not GDS first time " sortie " ISO20000, november 2007, GDS helps center of traffic bank data with " 0 do not accord with " pass ISO20000 attestation smoothly. This is the center of financial trade data that domestic head home passes ISO20000 attestation, it indicates the bank is in a traffic each respect such as technological process of ability of IT service level of management, government, government had unified " standard " .

Data CEO holds GDS10000 country concurrently president Huang Wei expresses: "Of attestation of ISO20000, ISO27001, ISO9001 passing is industry be in in recent years to GDS the sufficient affirmation that the field place such as government of service of administration of safety of quality management, information, IT pays effort to give. These standards choose the bag outside outstanding IT to served a provider to provide referenced basis for the user, also make the bag outside IT serves ability to think have Zhang Ke abide, the law can be depended on. " at the same time, these standards also help GDS wrapped the form of a Chinese character that serves ability and user demand to remove a bridge outside IT, the bag outside the IT that promoted GDS in the round serves ability.
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