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Heavy complex number undertakes according to deleting a technology data restores
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Once oversight of a company updates disaster to reinstate the case of the program. The result brings about data storage to expand ceaselessly. After 4 years, data growth makes tape memory process complete cannot realize RTO. After discovering a problem, its solution is to change restore a technology, from linear tape memory instead asynchronous duplicates memory. And asynchronous is duplicate memory is located in a distance advocate data center many miles 400, such solution can cost more cost.

Below the economic system nowadays, company of very rare IT makes a budget to this kind of change. And, tape memory always is slower than backup. Industry emphasizes particularly on to back up at tape all the time time window, restore time to often be lost so. When had you seen what the manufacturer announces its technology restore time? I think is done so without works chamber of commerce.

Have a lot of relatively burgeoning technologies in the market, if be united in wedlock with certain technology photograph, a few costly solutions keep away from in the process that can realizing RTO. We see these technologies as follows:

Repeat data to delete

Latter, manufacturing business people talk about repeat data to delete (Data Deduplication) technology. If you still do not know this technique, you should understand. Repeating data to delete is the taller form that compress, can find out the repetition inside file system file. This technology also can be in data piece class gets applied -- find out disk to coil inside reduplicative data piece. So, what profit does it have after all? File of the reduplicative in it can be found out and deleting memory to coil or data piece, use point to " advocate data file " or " advocate data piece " pressing with a finger replaces these to repeat data. Such, the data bulk of memory decreased greatly. In addition, it still can reduce technical photograph tie with traditional file, compress " main body of a court verdict " size.

So, can heavy complex number help us process all data of whole data center according to deleting? The answer is negative. This technology is used to doing not have constituent data to be in charge of especially -- the file server that those store personnel office produces a document. Consider such scene: When sending welfare to plan information publicly to the employee when manpower resource ministry, most employee can save this information. Such, the duplicate number of same information is mixed almost employee number is same. More of flooey is, you must be saved when disaster restores all these information data. Organize good data news to the structure, the result that repeats data to delete how? Some databases are comprised by a few large files, because the heavy complex number of this file class won't have what help according to deleting. But, of data piece class it is OK to delete the help reduces data, it is decrement only the possibility won't be too large. Nevertheless, even if be,can reduce little to also be met nowadays helpful. Those have same data piece similar database can undertake data is deleted repetition. However, repeat the database with less information to won't get too clear result.
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