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Sea roc data restores central strategy conformity 1 year
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In September 2007, I save look forward to of famous name of 10 years of IT -- company of Hai Peng computer, the major decision that made a your industry use a facial expression for it -- cancel advocate the supermarket of Hai Peng computer that battalion DIY computer sells, exit DIY hardware to sell a profession thoroughly, the omnibus IT enterprise that coexists from sale and service in the round, to the transition of new-style IT company that is dominant with technical service, build up all advantage force, hai Peng data restores a center to do do greatly strong.
Before you can say Jack Robinson went one year, the Hai Peng data nowadays restores a center to had developed become have father-in-law inn, shipping inn, Jiaohua inn, 100 heads to collect inn inn of 4 straight battalion, many accredit are set to recieve a station in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, the professional data with the biggest, the strongest actual strength restores Heilongjiang dimensions orgnaization. Force of core competition ability, company, society is beautiful praise degree, group cohesive affinity... wait for each respects, got considerably promotion, already far from carried out strategic transition to be able to be compared before 2007.

2008, the management state of DIY bound worsens further, domestic trouble and foreign invasion, numerous DIY business is in " lair " in bitterly " struggle " . Company of sea roc computer and decisive in September 2007 transition, abandon Xiaoli, go straight towards overall situation, flounced off those who tie business development " stumbling block " , "Broken chrysalis is changed butterfly " , make sea roc data restores a center to be in strategic transition the integrated development degree in a year, be equivalent to the summation that 3 years the company grew rate in the past. Review strategic transition already the path that Hai Peng data of a year resumes central institute to had gone, holding doubt in the arms at the outset, indissoluble, the personage inside the course of study of negative even point of view, all without exception is nowadays once courageous and resolute and this one stand high and see far, easy major strategy is decision-making, and be convinced deeply. In the meantime, sea roc data restores successful conformity of the center, caused numerous IT media to be opposite " DIY business transition " of this one topic discuss extensively, the development that also caused numerous DIY business to develop way to enterprise oneself future ponders...