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Division of Cheng of data extensive go back to work is advanced grind long class
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Each concern an unit:

As the flying development of IT, government affairs of electronic business affairs, electron and all sorts of application are used extensively of platform, data becomes be of exceptional importance. And in recent years, of the extensive transmission of the growth of memory capacity high speed of data, malign virus, backup not perfect wait for a problem, increased the risk with missing data. Important data loses a likelihood to bring about an enterprise to lose prediction of a person's luck in a given year of credit, client, the most serious, go bankrupt even. Considering show level data to restore market good and evil people mixed up, the current situation with technical uneven capability, more the data security demand for contented client oneself, decision of Huatai IT center holds the couplet in lucky star company and Beijing jointly " division of Cheng of data extensive go back to work is advanced grind long class " , foster more data security professional in order to help look forward to, institution. Lucky star data restores a center to hold water 10 years to come oneself, what be China of Tsinghua university, people university, Microsoft, Netease, Central Committee of Communist Party of China successfully to organize ministry, MII, the Ministry of Communication to wait for on 10 thousand early or late is enterprise or business unit and individual extensive complex number are occupied, redeem pecuniary loss several yuan. Also become at the same time domestic and international tens of homes are famous enterprise or business of the unit appoint data to restore an orgnaization.

One, groom time and place

On November 21, 2008- - on November 24 Guangzhou city (round-the-clock on November 21 report for duty)

2, groom teacher

Center of rehabilitate of data of star of Mr. Zhang luck is high engineer, have turn over virus and experience of data security work for years, the much home such as total bureau of civil aviaton of company of computer of Ceng Wei TCL, country is enterprise or business the unit undertakes data restores a technology to groom, the domain restores to have outstanding contribution in data.

Star of Mr. Yang luck grooms the center is high instructor, 5 years turn over schoolteaching experience of virus and data security; Client of lucky star VIP serves commissioner, technical adviser of engage by special arrangement of Japanese E-frontier company limited; Lucky star tall progression occupies division of Cheng of extensive go back to work, assistant director of safety of data of engage by special arrangement of national emphasis ministries and commissions.

3, groom characteristic

Be aimed at the problem that encounters in real work, tuitional solve train of thought and solution. Use give lessons with on machine operation is united in wedlock, groom content is paid attention to practical, thrust deep into the enemy forces is many and actual case, student passes curricular study to be able to finish data to resume the work independently.
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