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Top class number appears our country according to restoring professional tool
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On August 8, 2008, the data extensive go back to work with the greatest whole world provides one of orgnaizations of professional research and development science and technology of SalvationData(efficiency source) rolled out the 4th acting professional data to restore a tool -- compass of Data Compass data (abbreviation DC) , of this tool roll out with the 4th generation military airplane is having same idea, the highest technology that representing respective field develops way. Restore the DC of top technology on behalf of global data, the F22 battleplan that will represent technology of tip of global spaceflight science and technology together is same, hover in the domain that differs severally and blossom glorious. Little Bear is online Www.beareyes.com.cn

DC uses interface of HIGH USB2.0 technology, can apply in machine of any notebook computer that have USB interface, table, special device, as long as in the center inside buy has Microsoft operating system, it is XP, VEST no matter, 2003, DC is OK and complete compatible. Data of movable type of the implementation after the person that its are used can join with notebook computer resumes the work, it is the secret section of experience secret unit no matter, average still client asks to come to restore missing travel photograph, a phone, carry on notebook computer package can set out. Little Bear is online Www.beareyes.com.cn

Mobile sex is the way that service industry develops necessarily, but functional sex just is the key that the client cares most. 8 years data regains cause of DC market efficiency product and judicatory obtain evidence of the technology abundant accumulate, the station restores the commanding elevation of domain tool in data, placed the target that becomes the strongest data to restore a function when making development plan. Be like,DC can resolve simple trouble: The file is divisional and missing, missing, by accident the format is changed, delete by accident, the hacker is destroyed etc. If hard disk is bad,still can solve serious, hard disk be not lost by information of area of computer identifying, firmware unbalanced, hard disk is fallen to cross magnetic head to read take the job that restoring professional corporation operator abnormal knocking in data from time to tome is thorny issue in the eye. Little Bear is online Www.beareyes.com.cn

The function does not state the operation is complex formidably, the develops engineer Mr.Fan consistent development concept of efficiency source lets complex issue simplification namely. Digital camera principle is very for instance complex, but we do not need to know to illuminate how do resembling come true, we need to know how to use watch for an opportunity only, it how take wanted picture is OK to how take wanted picture. DC data restored compass to also hold to these with practical the thought that give priority to, if had had computer,handle the person of experience only, need right-and-left study 20 hours only, can master the use method of DC, this is meant is enterprise or unit no matter, need not again additional increase personnel staff to be able to use DC to build data to restore a branch quickly. Little Bear is online Www.beareyes.com.cn
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